Tuesday, January 27, 2009

its been a while

I know I know.. i should update a little more often...but i've been busy doing this!
Hope its enough to keep you happy for a while

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some pictures and a prayer request

getting stronger every day
tummytime... he doesn't hate it so much anymore

yale chilled out on mom
At this time I'd like to ask all of Yale's followers to put all they can into praying for a friend. Wyatt Swanton, a fellow heart kid is very sick. He's been in Sick Kids long term and was showing signs of getting better. All of a sudden he's been having very high temperatures and nothing can get them under control. They've done multiple cultures and can't find the culprit. The Docs are worried it might be meningitis and he is having a lumbar poke soon to find out.
I don't have to tell you this is a terrible thing to happen to a baby... especially one as sick a Wyatt. Our prayers have worked to save Yale and countless other babies. Lets save one more! We know they work!
Feel free to visit Wyatt's website and leave words of encouragement. There is a link to his blog on the right hand side. Thanks so much
Tanna Tyler and Yale

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So We brought Yale home Thursday afternoon after over three months in hospital. It felt amazing and we fell back into routine immediately! Yale is growing more and more everyday! We even caught pictures of him sitting unassisted for the real first time. We've been working on developing his muscles and he is working very hard...before you know it I'll have video of Yale walking to post here....but until then..... heres a picture we caught the day we came home!

Monday, January 5, 2009


So its official.... Yale is no longer in hospital :) YAY!
After an annoying round of antibiotics we finally got the okay to leave for good :)

I say "for good" because for Yale's birthday yesterday he got to have an overnight pass with me! It was great. I was a little apprehensive at first. I mean its been over three months since I took care of Yale overnight...and here they were just sending us off for the day with not a care in the world. Turns out the apprehension was for nothing. We had a blast and for the first time we co slept. I'd never done it before because of Yale's health issues and for fear of smothering him... but wow did we both sleep well!

Dr dipchand today during rounds said that she didn't mind if after clinic this week, if we didn't mind weekly trips to toronto, that we were clear to go home.... AH... I can't believe I'm going home... and Yale is coming and he's healthy. I mean I always knew the day would come... but now that its here its kind of a shock. So the only thing holding us back is a couple of weeks that have echos scheduled for mondays and clinics are thursday... and well I might just make a few phonecalls and get those switched around! :) So there you have it folks. Yale is well enough to go home. he's on two meds twice a day. Only his immunosupressants. oh and an antibiotic three times a week... He's eating and doesn't require any assistance with that...only on mildly thickened fluids until he can be reassessed about his vocal chords and aspiration risk.

Alas...I must go now...Yale is with me and his patience for my update has run out...:) I LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday little man. Love you bunches and hope to see you soon.

Love Grandma