Sunday, December 9, 2007

What are you doing for New Years?

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't really written all that much lately. Not too much has been happening. We have some news though and a bit of information.
Tyler and I went to Toronto on Friday. (Dec 7th) We got a lot accomplished thats for sure.... with going back and forth between the two hospitals. We started first thing in the morning meeting with the paediatrician Dr Jeffreys. She told us a little bit more about what was going to be happening during the actual delivery. Most HLHS babies are born relatively healthy and they are planning on me having a vaginal delivery. They think that during the labor I can have visitors, but during the actual delivery it is one person. Once the baby is born, we get a very quick cuddle then he will be taken to the next room to get his IVs started. They start him on prostaglandin which will keep the ductus arteriosus open. After he is stable we will be able to bring visitors in and we can all meet him and take pictures...all the normal baby things. After this he will be taken through the tunnel over to the cardiac critical care unit at Sick Kids. Tyler at this point can chose to go with the baby or stay with me. Its up to him and he'll decide when the time comes. I'm sure I'll be fine with my mom and sister there to support me. Once he is at Sick Kids, he'll have another echo where they will look at his heart to get a full understanding of his defect and if there are any more complications or maybe even any less. (wishful thinking)

After meeting with the paed, we went over to Sick Kids for me to have another fetal echo. (they look at the baby's heart) There are no changes in his defect from when it was first diagnosed. Dr Jeaggi met with us and I got to ask a lot more questions I had about the Hybrid procedure. I swear they were coming left and right, but I think I really got all my questions answered. Dr Jeaggi also explained the differences between two HLHS patients of his that were born in Sept. He mentioned that one went hybrid and the other went norwood. Both are doing well, but he seems to think that the hybrid baby is dealing with less feeding issues right now. Now he is clear to mention that all babies are different, and who knows what will happen in the future with both babies. He made it clear he didn't want to sway our decision, but I secretly think he was glad to hear that i was really considering the hybrid now. In fact, after what we learned that day and Tyler and I being able to have an actual discussion about how we would like things to go, we have made the decision to go the hybrid route. It isn't written in stone, but I think we are pretty firm on it. I've added a link to a page that explains the Hybrid procedure if you are curious.
After having the echo we went back over to Mount Sinai where we were getting the basics of delivery taken care of so that everyone will be co-ordinated when the day comes. We had a quick scan of the baby. He is doing great and came in at weighting approx. 6lbs 12oz. Thats a good size for his gestation. Then Dr Ryan my OB at Mnt Sinai came in to finalize my care with Dr Kirby here in London. And they scheduled me for an induction on NEW YEARS DAY! Yup! Ty and I are to arrive in T.O. to begin induction at 12 noon on New Years Day. With the hopes he will be born sometime early the next morning. Can you believe it? I guess there will be no major celebrations for Tyler on new years eve, but I think he is just as excited as I am to get to celebrate just a few days later with welcoming our son into the world!

To finish off the day in Toronto Tyler and I went back over to Sick Kids to meet with Winny a social worker. She took us for a tour for where we will be. We got to see 4d the step down unit first. this is where the babies come when they are getting more stable and are almost on their way home. Winny explained that all times one parent can stay with the child 24/7. If you are lucky to get a private room there is a sleeper and they often bring in a cot so that both parents can stay.

We then went to the cardiac critical care unit where we will be before surgery and following before we are sent to 4d. We didn't get to go in as there was an advisory on the door, but we were shown similar machines that the baby will be hooked up to. Seriously, those machines would put microsoft to shame.

we got to see the clinic where would be coming for follow-up care and the echo lab where the baby will get his echos done to make sure his heart is functioning well as he grows. Its all really quite a well run system. They sure do know what they are doing around there!

So this will probably be the last real visit until its baby delivering time! I hope you are all as excited as we are. Next time we leave a major post, we'll be announcing his birth and finally revealing to those that don't know.. what his beautiful name will be!

Thanks so much for your thoughts!
Tanna, Tyler and BBSeaton!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Christmas Poem

This is a Poem written by Stephanie Husted a mother of an HLHS child.

Twas the night that you joined us...all eyes were on earth.
Awaiting with joy for a most special birth.
The angel's stood ready...for each need and care,
But all of them knew... that the Lord would be there,
And I labored on... and daddy was scared,
We waited...and wondered... and hoped we'd prepared.
We knew you were special...but so very sick,
Yet hope had grown in me... with every kick.
And soon it was time...into this world you came,
I heard a soft cry... then I called out your name....
And God held your hands...while the angels stood by,
Since I could not hold you...they hushed your soft cries.
One small angel looked to the father and smiled,
"Can you truly teach hope... through such a small child"?
"An infant so helpless...a baby so new...
"Oh please tell me this what you will do"?
God looked from the the baby's sweet face,
"Through him my young charge... they will learn about grace".
"I penned this child's journey...quite a long time ago,
"And through his great courage...such true love will grow".
"Every hair on his head has been numbered you see.."
"It's my hope that through him... they will learn to see me.
"Oh my little one with a special heart..."
"Great love will see you through.."
"See look that is your family.."
"They've been waiting for you.."
"I send you to their waiting arms...for a time we'll be apart.."
"But I'll always be with you...for I live within your heart.
And so we held you in our arms... And thanked our Lord above..
In you...we see the miracle, of His undying love.
So when it's Christmas morning,
And I watch my children play,
I'll need no great reminders,
For I see my gifts each day.