Sunday, January 16, 2011

40 days

OMG! 40 DAYS! thats the countdown until Kane's due date. AHHHHH!!! I am very excited to welcome this man into our family, and into my heart. I remember my prenancy with Yale. I was immediately bonded to him. However who wouldn't be after the loss we had endured 6 months before he was concieved. I remember the kicks and the full belly jumping. I remember the thoughts I've always had when we recieved his diagnosis. I loved him too much to care that he was sick. I have the same immense love for Kane as well. Only we haven't been told he is sick. As far as we know his heart is completely healthy, and he has no other issues. Honestly, I wouldn't care if he was sick. I just LOVE this little boy. this little boy whom I haven't even seen with my own two eyes.

Last night I was having a lot of braxton hicks contractions. I think I have been having them for some time, but only clued it last night what it really was. No pain, just tightening. Kane was moving lots in between them too. I feel like we have this rapport. Like an inside joke. I feel his love for me as much as I love him.

So back to the contractions. They kind of made me giddy. Yes I have to birth him, to get to hold him, and share him with the world. Most people feel apprehension towards that idea... I just am countin down the days. The idea that 70% of babies are born by the time their due date rolls around makes me smile... I wonder how I will know. I mean I know that I will KNOW when it is time. I was induced with Yale, but with cervidil, which is as close to natural an induction as well...its not natural. But I went from no contractions to going "Oooooookay.... time to head back upstairs" I was trying to round up my family while we were all in the book store. They just kind of looked at me like, okay bossy... eventually my sister saw the anguish on my face and she said, lets go, they know where to find you. I wonder will it be the same with Kane? will I just feel the contractions getting painful, or will my water break, or will I bleed? Its all just like this big surprise party I am waiting for. I know its coming, I just don't know when where or how? all I know is that I am ready to CELEBRATE!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Times, they are a changing!

Wow, have I been neglecting this blog or what? OMG. Well I think its time I got back into things. I've realized that Yale has been so stable lately that there isn't much to blog about, however there is lots in our family's lives to blog about, and instead of creating a new blog, I think I am going to change Yale's blog over to our family blog. Especially with a new arrival coming soon, and Yale's health changes, and everything else combined. There is lots to talk about, just its not always pertaining to the rock star!

Soooo here goes. Yale had a clinic visit last week where we learned about the results of his biopsy. As usual, no rejection, his blood work is all clear, they even checked his cholesterol which is fine. The only change is that his left lung now recieves no blood flow through the left pulmonary artery. It used to recieve about 2% where normal would be 50%. This can become an issue as Yale grows because all the blood going to one lung causes a strain on the right side of his heart because it has to work harder to pump the blood to only one lung. Soooo, when Yale goes for his next biopsy in November, they will be testing out new medications as a proactive measure to help relieve the pressure. That if of course only if his heart is appearing to be under strain. I am sure they will put him on something as a proactive measure though, because we know at some pint, it will start to wear on the heart. That is about the biggest news. Yale is still having very significant speech delays, but is starting a new group in a few weeks, and then some more intensive therapy afterwards.

Oh and lets not forget that Yale turned three at the beginning of the month! I cannot express how blessed and awed we are that we get each and every day with him. We are the lucky ones that get to witness a miracle every day....
Also, we're getting much closer to Kane's arrival. Yale's room has been changed so now he is ready to share it with his little brother. Crib is up, baby clothes are washed and ready, diaper bag is packed. We set the bassinette up in our room right next to my side on the bed :) and Yale although he can't say it, obviously shows that he knows his little brother is coming soon. He even says yes when asked if he is going to be a bif brother! Soooo sweet.  We took a few pictures the other day because I was feeling a little bit guilty about how many pictures of the Yale belly I had.... so here are a couple :)

Sooo things will be changing around here, I'm going to make a new layout that suits us more as a family, add more updates that have to do will all of us, and hopefully share more news with you all. Come around more often okay?