Thursday, March 27, 2008

Okay. time to help Yale and all heart babies!

Hi! I'm participating in Change Bandits for Children's in support of Children's Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre. I'm raising money to help buy a Paediatric Cardiac 3D Ultrasound Machine.

Please sponsor me and help purchase this equipment! You can use your credit card to make a secure online donation and you'll even receive a tax receipt immediately by email. Click on the link below:

The Paediatric Cardiac 3D Ultrasound Machine is advanced technology for examining a child's heart - even an unborn baby's heart. It's the #1 priority need at Children's Hospital, and we need to raise $300,000 to buy it for the kids. It's a big goal - but Change Bandits are gearing up to collect $140,000 towards the cost.

Thanks for your support!
Change Bandits for Children's - Robbin' and Lootin' for a Cause!

Visit for more information on how you can be a Change Bandit.

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Take Care,
Tanna Leigh
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sick little man.

So some of you may already know....but our little fighter has decided to go on a hunger strike. It was super stressful and very frightening. However after seeing his paediatrician, and then talking to the nurses on the single ventricle hotline AND then going to clinic and seeing his cardiologist. We have been reassured that he isn't in congestive heart failure. Dr Buffo hopes that he just caught something and doesn't want to eat. We've put his NG tube back in to ensure he stays hydrated... We sure could use some positive thoughts our way that this is just a phase Yale is going through and not a step backwards.
He takes his pacifier with no problems and swallows his meds, but sucking on a bottle is the last thing he is interested in doing. We've tried increasing the nipple flow, using all different nipple shapes and even different temperatures. He's not drooling or chewing on his fingers or anything so we doubt that it is teething... just a little Yale mystery. Perhaps he realized he was too good of a baby for us and is just throwing out a curve ball. Actually after seeing how smart he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he is that cunning! LOL

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sorry :(

Okay so I am a big liar... :D I said I'd come back and edit that post when we were feeling better... and I just got lazy.. but now I am getting inquiries and people are starting to worry. I was just going to scan the pictures that Dr Benson gave us of Yale's stent. actual pictures taken during the procedure. Anyhoo I am still lazy....I'd have to drag out the scanner and actually do work LOL. Sure not as easy as just plugging in a wire and bam, there are pics.
Yale is doing wonderfully and his stent is holding up.We were just in Toronto at clinic and they say things are going fine and we are set to just go to clinic here in London. Which is great and all except it really doesnt save us much travelling because in the middle of April we have to come for follow ups with the stroke team. Then a few weeks later Yale will be shceduled to have a cath to prepare for the stage II. I kind of just zoned out when there was talk about stage 2. I am not prepared yet to even think of putting Yale through that kind of surgery again, but I know it will be neccessary in order for him to survive. Just sucky to even have to think about it.

Friday, March 7, 2008

quick post

this is just a quick post to let you all know that Yale had his stent place on wednesday. Everything went well, Yale as having some high heartrates during the night and they were worried they might have messed with the natural heart rhythm, but it quickly finished and we are now home. I will come back and edit this post with more the the details later, we're both suffering from a cold :( so when I am feeling better and Yale is sleeping well again I will come and change this post. Talk to you then!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

As predicted

Hey everyone, life has been pretty great at home, and Yale has been growing like a MONSTER! He is now officialy 10 lbs and 1 oz! And so cute. He sure likes to flirt with the ladies thats for sure! Here is a picture of him with his new buddies Cali and Chase! I work with their mommies, and all babies were born within a few weeks of one another! Check out how smooth Yale is at grabbing Cali... I think he likes her!

So as predicted in a previous post, after seeing Liz and Dr P at clinic here in London, Yale will be going back to sick kids, on his two month birthday none the less! We still have to see Dr Golding while there before it is confirmed, but we will be packing our bags prepared to stay. The ASD in Yale's heart is getting more restrictive. Its about where it was last time that they went in and ballooned it. However as proven in Yale's history, his ASD will always return to a restrictive size, so this time they will go in and place a stent in to keep it open. As much as I hate the idea of Yale having another procedure, I am glad that it will finally be stented open and it will be the end of these unforseen cath procedures, not to mention that I won't constantly be standing over him, making sure he is fine. It will allow his blood to mix better and being less restrictive means that more blood can get through the hole meaning the whole systems will work better...PHEW!

Anyhoo... Its definitely frustrating that he has to go in again, its not optimal for Yale, but he will be much better and even slightly more stable afterwards. So... stay tuned. There may be a post from Yale's grandma updating on how he did, and we hope to be home again before the weekend! After all, Yale's Grandpa Seaton is planning a visit! We don't want to miss him!