Saturday, March 1, 2008

As predicted

Hey everyone, life has been pretty great at home, and Yale has been growing like a MONSTER! He is now officialy 10 lbs and 1 oz! And so cute. He sure likes to flirt with the ladies thats for sure! Here is a picture of him with his new buddies Cali and Chase! I work with their mommies, and all babies were born within a few weeks of one another! Check out how smooth Yale is at grabbing Cali... I think he likes her!

So as predicted in a previous post, after seeing Liz and Dr P at clinic here in London, Yale will be going back to sick kids, on his two month birthday none the less! We still have to see Dr Golding while there before it is confirmed, but we will be packing our bags prepared to stay. The ASD in Yale's heart is getting more restrictive. Its about where it was last time that they went in and ballooned it. However as proven in Yale's history, his ASD will always return to a restrictive size, so this time they will go in and place a stent in to keep it open. As much as I hate the idea of Yale having another procedure, I am glad that it will finally be stented open and it will be the end of these unforseen cath procedures, not to mention that I won't constantly be standing over him, making sure he is fine. It will allow his blood to mix better and being less restrictive means that more blood can get through the hole meaning the whole systems will work better...PHEW!

Anyhoo... Its definitely frustrating that he has to go in again, its not optimal for Yale, but he will be much better and even slightly more stable afterwards. So... stay tuned. There may be a post from Yale's grandma updating on how he did, and we hope to be home again before the weekend! After all, Yale's Grandpa Seaton is planning a visit! We don't want to miss him!


Anonymous said...

Just wishing you and Yale good luck at Sick Kids. I'm sure everyone who monitors this blog will wish you the same and be praying for his safe return home too.
Love Mommy

Anderson Family said...

I hope this will be the last visit for a while for you guys, its so heart breaking to have to go in and out of the hospital. 10lbs is awesome!! Mariska just hit that a week ago. I have been following your blog for a while, thought I would wish you the best! I love the picures already goin for the ladies, haha so cute.
Melynda Anderson
mommy to Mariska 3.5 months HLHS

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted Tanna..
You're still in our thoughts and prayers daily!!


oddduck said...

OMG, that picture is so dang cute :) I wish I would have been more social when my daughter was small. Priceless!