Monday, October 4, 2010

Time for some truely good news?

So as some may or may not know, Yale's defect means the odds of me having more children with heart defects raised to 10-15 percent. I've been living in this sort of limbo where I wanted to believe the baby was fine, and at the same time, prepare myself for another heart sick baby.

I had my fetal echo today where they looked at the baby's heart. Turns out this baby's heart is "developing normally". I almost jumped across the table and kissed the cardiologist when she told me that.

I knew the odds were in my favor, but with a late loss with twins and then Yale's health I just felt like we don't fall into the normal range for odds. I am soooo excited to relax now for my pregnancy! and go into labour on my own, and not be considered high risk anymore! The best part of all! I'll get to bring a baby home.... not live with it in sick kids! I'll get to breast feed, and cuddle my newborn whenever I want, not watch it in a crib hooked up to monitors! Today is probably the best day since the day Yale got his heart transplant!!!!!!