Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey everyone!

So I realize that I have definitely been neglecting this blog... I think it might be alittle bit related to the fact tht Yale is doing so well :) (knock on wood) But i think I am going to do some maintenance... perhaps change it around some, new design... and start talking more about our family, and not just mister Yale.... although it will be his blog! :)

So I had my first visit with Dr Kirby yesterday. My first OB appointment for this pregnancy... and she is great! Really. I can say enough about her manner... She remembered me and remembered Yale... but didn't know about his transplant... we had a good talk about him and she asked me to bring him to our next appointment since the last time she saw him he was just over 6 weeks old. She was quick to say "i'll book you a fetal echo" and was glad we've opted for IPS screening (i just want to see the baby sooner... but the screening part is good too!) and then she wished me an uneventful pregnancy... and I just laughed and said you and me both!!! it was quick and sweet... and I am just so glad to have her again... i know if anything pops up this time, hearing it from her will be the best. She's been 100% supportive in all the decisions we made while pregnant with Yale... and I'm sure she'll do the same with this new baby...

And for those that want to know... we WILL be learning the gender... and then letting you all know what the name will be. We've pretty much got it picked, just need to iron out the spelling of it.... intrigued? long on for more!

please send your prayers to miss sophia who had her brain tumor removed the other day. It has been indeed diagnosed as cancer and she is not doing very well.... :(