Weight Loss

Okay...I am back. We welcomed a beautiful bouncy boy into our lives on February 9th 2011. He is the most amazing and HEALTHY little boy! Now that he is here, and we are both deemed to be healthy, I am back on that darned weightloss journey. I wasn't really in control of my weight gain with Kane. at the highest I was 234lbs. I am breastfeeding so the initial weight came off quickly, but now i am sort of stuck at 186. I have joined myfitnesspal again to track my calories, and i have set the goal to run a 5k this fall with my sister (or alone if she happens to get knocked up and can't race) I have started the couch to 5 k program and am just beginning week 2, but so far am loving it :) I love the feeling knowing i am pushing my body. I love the endorphins, and how i feel. But most of all, I love that I am just doing it. Me. I AM DOING IT. I am a self professed procrastinator, and am lazy lazy lazy, so for me to have the self motivation to get up and get out there. Its pretty shocking to say the least.
I have had some non scale victories already since having Kane. I fit into american eagle jeans again. I bought these jeans last summer when i was at my lowest....and i pulled them out and put them on no problem. I have a bit of a roll over the top...but no worse than when i first bought them :) I also put on a pair of jeans that have been put away since i got pregnant with yale....and they fit too!!! And today i put on a denim tube top i have had since before Tyler and I got together....and well... i could zip it up, and it was snug....but it did up.... another 10 lbs and that shirt is gunna look damned sexy on me!
I am pretty amped up about this journey. I hope can stay motvated, and honest with myself. and mostly. I hope i reach my goals and am one hot sexy chick this time next year :)