Saturday, April 18, 2009

sorry its been a while

I meant to update this blog once I found out more about the results of Yale's cath to look at the pressures of his lungs, and the blood flow to his left lung. I really don't have much information really. Dr Redington told us after the cath, that there was no need for intervention at this time. But what it all means in the long run, I have yet to ask my questions. However, Yale has 0 rejection, and his next biosy is scheduled for July 24th. Mirna just told me that they'd watch his pressures every time he has a biopsy to make sure nothing reached panic levels. i take my cue from the professionals, and if they're not worried, I'm not.

On a nother note Yale has been progressing and developing at an even faster speed. Its almost as if his physio therapist comes in, tells us what the next things for his development will be, he hears her, and does it all within the day. Its hard to think Yale was very much still an infant only 4 months ago. his gross motor was only at around 6 months, and now he is almost all caught up. if he learns to cruise in the next month he'd be back on schedule. The later side of schedule, but still in the range of normal. Its amazing to see him standing for long periods of time without any assistance. He has yet to really take steps, but I'm sure it'll happen before the week is out...

Now onto the prayers.... a good friend of ours is back in the CCU.... little Abby Knight has a viral lung infection. She was wtih us in the CCU when Yale has his glen. She is scheduled to have her glenn soon, but now they'll pretty much be living in Sick Kids until she can fight off this virus, then in for her glen. (edit: Abby is now home, glen has been pushed back until she is stronger)
Owen Veloso... who has has a scarier road than Yale is going in for his glen on Tuesday. This little guy FIGHTS for his life, and I think some prayers would be greatly appreciated!
And of course, little Lillian who is still waiting at Sick Kids for her heart.
And never could we forget Sophia, who is still waiting, but is finally in an apartment in toronto. Some sense of normalcy must be great for them, but I'm sure Sophia's new heart and a flight back to New Brunswick would be even nicer!

thanks everyone! we know these positive vibes and prayers really do help!