Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Well hello there!

Hey everyone, long time no see! I have some serious issues with abandoning this blog. Its like, "Oh, wait, Yale is healthy, that doesn't require an update!" Which is totally not true!
Yale is doing great! We haven't seen the transplant team since the spring, and Yale is due for his biopsy early Nov. He is eating like a champ (but still hasn't gained any weight!) His speech is still a slow process. He and I communicate no problems. Its the rest of the world! And frankly, I just want to know his little thoughts. He is so bright, and sly, I just wish he could communicate that more!

Kane is 8 months old and wearing hand me downs that Yale was wearing well after 1 yr old! LOL. He is pushing 25 lbs for sure and rolling all over the place. He barely sits on his own (I think because his belly is too big).

anyhoo I had some big plans to take this blog to new places (social networking HELLO) and hopefully have an outlet for myself. As well as gain some guest bloggers... and get the word out there!
Anyhoo see you in the near future, and I hopefully will be able to launch an all new (but with the old same content) soon!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


HAHA! Not for the country! But vote for mine and Yale's picture in the "mama love contest" for Vesta Shops.
You need to like their fan page on facebook.... feel free to vote for others as well... but vote for me so i can win! :)

The title of this thread is a link to the albums page on facebook. Happy voting! and thank you!

Go to Vesta Shop facebook page. Like Them, go to photos, to the "mama love" album and then vote in the comments!!/pages/Vesta-Shop/301947852245

Monday, May 2, 2011

the truth is

I have been ignoring this blog a little bit. I've sort of been a little preoccupied with my new journey. To lose all this fat I have put on over the years! And frankly....since its sooo successful, I am going to not make excuses, and just direct you to the other blog.. follow the title of this post.... its hyperlinked.... and should take you right there! :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

okay okay okay

So my mom has been getting on me about how I haven't been updating this blog :(
Sorry folks...there was a lot of drama going on surrounding Kane's birth, and then Tyler's mothers illness and eventual death. Kane is two months old now and doing great! in fact we just took him for his two month immunizations today, and learned that he is in the 95th percentile for his growth! Thats my chunky guy!

Yale also went for a routine echo yesterday here at London paeds cardiology. Its always fun to go in there and have him turn the place upside down!  No news on any of that yet! Yale will have to take a trip to sick kids in the summer for a kidney test along with his routine clinic.

Other than that, no news is good news i guess! The weather is looking up!, and Tyler should be back to work soon! its sooo nice to get out of the winter blues thats for sure!

I'll of course add some new pics of Kane here soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Life in Pummelvision

20 days later

Honestly. I have this mix of emotions about this. Kane is ready to join us anytime. I really can't wait to meet him, but I am also saddened that this pregnancy is coming to an end. I have the next three days to keep him in, and then we will all be waiting for the signs to tell us its time!
Tyler has to go away for the weekend. Its terrible timing, but a good friend of ours lost his dad suddenly this week, and so Ty HAS to be there. The selfish me doesn't want him to go, but in reality. Its just not even a possibility for him to not be there for Nick. We love you Nick, and are very very sorry for your loss.
Its like this shadow hanging over things right now and I know that Kane's arrival is going to be able to part those clouds some for us. So I am keeping him in, or at least thats what I want to do. Tyler gave him a good talking to last night telling him he can't come out until after he gets back. I see Dr Kirby again on monday, after having my appointment cancelled last wednesday because of the "storm". Also the sister gets back from the Dominican Republic on Sunday, which will be nice to have her in the country since I am looking forward to having her at this birth again. She was a great help in distracting me when I was in labour with Yale, even though it was incredibly boring. She stood by me when I was nasty and mean and in pain, and even stayed in the room when i got a huge needle shoved in my back. Something Tyler couldn't do if he wanted too...a terrible fear of needles and all.

Anyhoo...this is a terrible post because it is defintiely very rambly and not organized, but its how I am thinking with the coffee scattering my thoughts from excitment,to fear so sadness for a friend..... I'll try to gather myself for the next post... and hopefully make it until at least monday before announcing the arrival of our bouncing baby boy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

40 days

OMG! 40 DAYS! thats the countdown until Kane's due date. AHHHHH!!! I am very excited to welcome this man into our family, and into my heart. I remember my prenancy with Yale. I was immediately bonded to him. However who wouldn't be after the loss we had endured 6 months before he was concieved. I remember the kicks and the full belly jumping. I remember the thoughts I've always had when we recieved his diagnosis. I loved him too much to care that he was sick. I have the same immense love for Kane as well. Only we haven't been told he is sick. As far as we know his heart is completely healthy, and he has no other issues. Honestly, I wouldn't care if he was sick. I just LOVE this little boy. this little boy whom I haven't even seen with my own two eyes.

Last night I was having a lot of braxton hicks contractions. I think I have been having them for some time, but only clued it last night what it really was. No pain, just tightening. Kane was moving lots in between them too. I feel like we have this rapport. Like an inside joke. I feel his love for me as much as I love him.

So back to the contractions. They kind of made me giddy. Yes I have to birth him, to get to hold him, and share him with the world. Most people feel apprehension towards that idea... I just am countin down the days. The idea that 70% of babies are born by the time their due date rolls around makes me smile... I wonder how I will know. I mean I know that I will KNOW when it is time. I was induced with Yale, but with cervidil, which is as close to natural an induction as well...its not natural. But I went from no contractions to going "Oooooookay.... time to head back upstairs" I was trying to round up my family while we were all in the book store. They just kind of looked at me like, okay bossy... eventually my sister saw the anguish on my face and she said, lets go, they know where to find you. I wonder will it be the same with Kane? will I just feel the contractions getting painful, or will my water break, or will I bleed? Its all just like this big surprise party I am waiting for. I know its coming, I just don't know when where or how? all I know is that I am ready to CELEBRATE!