Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The latest

SO I am so behind on the blog. I apologize. But really there isn't much news to talk about. Yale went to northern Ontario with Tyler for two weeks at the end of February. He clearly had a blast since he came home with a black eye, attitude, and the need for a new cast. Yes you heard me. Yale has a cast. I don't really know the details, but I do know that Yale took a tumble off the bed and somehow fractured his arm. The only problem is we didn't realize until about three days later. I clued in after I grabbed is arm and he lost it on me. His dad took him to emerge the next morning and to no surprise, there was a fracture. The funny thing is we waited until morning because Yale was dragging around his giant dump truck with that arm. I guess I should be perpared for his pain threshold, being a heart kid and what not. Other than that Yale is great. Completely healthy heart wise. Starting to babble more. we're working on his talking, but I think he's just going to do it in his own time. He had other things to focus on for a few years there, like staying alive, I'll give him a break on the talking.

I've attached a picture of Yale giving dad knuckles with his new cast. Its much more grubbier now.