Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

Time for some truely good news?

So as some may or may not know, Yale's defect means the odds of me having more children with heart defects raised to 10-15 percent. I've been living in this sort of limbo where I wanted to believe the baby was fine, and at the same time, prepare myself for another heart sick baby.

I had my fetal echo today where they looked at the baby's heart. Turns out this baby's heart is "developing normally". I almost jumped across the table and kissed the cardiologist when she told me that.

I knew the odds were in my favor, but with a late loss with twins and then Yale's health I just felt like we don't fall into the normal range for odds. I am soooo excited to relax now for my pregnancy! and go into labour on my own, and not be considered high risk anymore! The best part of all! I'll get to bring a baby home.... not live with it in sick kids! I'll get to breast feed, and cuddle my newborn whenever I want, not watch it in a crib hooked up to monitors! Today is probably the best day since the day Yale got his heart transplant!!!!!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Testimonial

I just wanted to show the video that Yale and I got to participate in for The David Foster Foundation. Once again sorry for being soooo MIA lately.... hopefully I'll get back into blogging here since Yale has a biopsy in October and we also learn about the new baby's heart health and gender in October... so lots to talk about!

David Foster Doundation Family Testimonial

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey everyone!

So I realize that I have definitely been neglecting this blog... I think it might be alittle bit related to the fact tht Yale is doing so well :) (knock on wood) But i think I am going to do some maintenance... perhaps change it around some, new design... and start talking more about our family, and not just mister Yale.... although it will be his blog! :)

So I had my first visit with Dr Kirby yesterday. My first OB appointment for this pregnancy... and she is great! Really. I can say enough about her manner... She remembered me and remembered Yale... but didn't know about his transplant... we had a good talk about him and she asked me to bring him to our next appointment since the last time she saw him he was just over 6 weeks old. She was quick to say "i'll book you a fetal echo" and was glad we've opted for IPS screening (i just want to see the baby sooner... but the screening part is good too!) and then she wished me an uneventful pregnancy... and I just laughed and said you and me both!!! it was quick and sweet... and I am just so glad to have her again... i know if anything pops up this time, hearing it from her will be the best. She's been 100% supportive in all the decisions we made while pregnant with Yale... and I'm sure she'll do the same with this new baby...

And for those that want to know... we WILL be learning the gender... and then letting you all know what the name will be. We've pretty much got it picked, just need to iron out the spelling of it.... intrigued? long on for more!

please send your prayers to miss sophia who had her brain tumor removed the other day. It has been indeed diagnosed as cancer and she is not doing very well.... :(

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on Miss S

I'm sure ppl are getting tired of hearing about this journey? so I'll be brief. It was papa's call from the judgement of the coorindator of the neurology department as to whether we wanted to take S home to wait for her surgery and how soon. That was yesterday I believe (lost in my days) and they came home today. S is still very quiet, not really disoriented.....at least now when she walks across the room she knew what she was going to get before walking back to the couch to lie down; we thought she was just too weak to go play or whatever and gave up to lie down but it was cross signals in her brain that was part of it. Her eyes are stable, she is trying to eat like a horse despite doc's orders to keep it slow. Her neck is VERY rigid, not likely to change until surgery, she's GAINED 4 lbs since last Friday night and we're just keeping everything very low key and non stressful for her. Everything's in place, A/C units are keeping her body temp in check, she'll co-sleep with us and I'm going to flashlight her eyes at night to check for dilation like they did in hosp, supplements are here. I think we've got it covered. If anyone thinks I've missed anything, plse let me know, she's home but by no means is this journey over for S.....the waiting is going to be a HUGE challenge for those darn test results but I'm finally confident that the team is lining everything up perfectly towards the next step to surgery. I can't bear her having to go back into surgery but she can't stay like this. Mixed emotions for sure. At least she'll be stronger by then and under sedation for hours only rather than days.

Asking for more prayers for the biopsy results quickly and cancer free! THANKS! So much for being brief...sorry!

Some news from the Seatons....

Yale is going to be a big brother!
estimated due date of February 27th 2011 :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Poor Poor Girl

Hey everyone! I need your help again. A local mom is going through every parent's worst nightmare!  Her daughter is critically ill and the future is unknown! Here is a post she put on a forum I requent...

Yes, my Miss S is in CCU; she has a brain tumor, she's had a shunt placed in the area of the mass as it was blocking vital fluids from moving through her brain and spinal cord. She is on IV fluids, is being kept sedated at least until an MRI is performed. The mass MUST be removed, they just need to have better pictures to see what they are dealing with. She has had seizures which was the only way we could tell that her situation is critical, she has been in and out of hospital for the last 2 weeks now and 4 weeks of undiagnosed vomiting as there was no fevers or nasal problems to accompany so it wasn't a virus. Her weight has dropped remarkably and it is because of the Autism that the doctors believe that she wasn't able to effectively communicate that she's been having migraine headaches, it was only once she started seizuring that they pieced that the vomiting was being cause by the tumour. If those final symptoms had not shown up the connection might not have been made by us or the medical profession and we likely would have lost our daughter. But for now I am trying to cope with the stress on no sleep for 4 weeks and trying to care for C as well and I am alone this weekend at home to tend things here. I cannot get out to do groceries so we're living on what we have available in the house until V comes home and can relieve me so I can get some food in the house and try and keep some kind of a normal existance here while my very tiny child who is now the weight of a 2 year old and not a 4 year old with her fate in God's hands as well as her team of specialists.

I apologize if I can't be very clear, I am VERY tired and worried I'm going to lose my child; cancer in the mass has yet to be ruled out.
Please Please PLEASE bring on the strength we have shown for everyone else we've prayed for. We have worked miracles in the past (look at my boy) and this family definitely need a miracle now!

Thanks so much!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Good news and other stuff!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do some quick updates. Thanks for everyone who sent out prayers and positive vibes for Lilia. She is now home with family! There are still some issues to be dealt with.... but thank goodness she is home!

I got to visit with Tyler's niece Jordana on Wednesday. I got to see her beautiful daughters who look amazing! Her and Kyle seem in great spirits and are doing a fantastic job at parenting while being stuck in a hospital! Way to go guys!

And yesterday Yale attended clinic at HSC and was asked to be involved in some footage for the David Foster Foundation. He was filmed undergoing an echo and being scene by Dr Dipchand. Not to mention just being his cool self giving every high fives and kisses! Check out the David Foster Foundation facebook page to see some behind the scenes pictures taken by clicking on the title of this post! It'll still be a while before we see the end product, but we were glad to help out in any way!

The real news however is that Yale did great at clinic and we won't need to go back until Yale's biopsy in October! YAY!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good news!!!

Lilia is going home today! Thank you so much! All the info can be found on her blog... (look to the right....) Lilia Christine.... The power of positivity!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lilia needs our help!

It seems I only come around here now to ask for your help in sending up prayers and positive vibes for other heart babies....

Well guess what.... Thats exactly what I need! A friend of ours went in to have her Gtube opening enlarged and all hell broke lose with her lung collapsing. here is the latest update from Jennifer her mother

as of 2pm, friday.

They did the bronch and the doctor is pretty sure its her stent. they think it's moved and is blocking the airway (a little more complicated then i can explain right now). which is why her lung collapsed. Shes going in for a CT soon to check so they know for sure what they are dealing with. then they will be talking with sick kids in toronto. and deciding wehter or not to send her there, and weither or not she needs suregery.

I am so scared, they told us when they put it in if it ever moved or caused any problems we would be in big trouble.

Please everyone. We know we can help others by simply asking that they receive the healing they need! Lilia is a FIGHTER! And so are her family. This is unexpected and scary... and please please please... let us all do what we can!

Thanks in advance!

Hugs from Tanna Tyler and Yale!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey everyone. I know its been ages since I've updated with info about Yale. and its is still going to be (he's great, although we keep passing a cold between each other)

This is a request for prayers and positive vibes for Tyler's niece Jordana. She found out from a 3d ultrasound that one of her twin girls has a very slow bradycardia (in the 50's) and has been in toronto for ages and they found more health issues with the other twin as well.

Well I just got the word that these beautiful little girls came into the world today. I'm sure they are at sick kids now as we speak. They are tiny little things (i think around 4 and 5 lbs) and are pretty sick. We all know that these babies are most safe while still in momma.... and now they are about to start the fight for their life.

So please, whatever it is that you did to help Yale and my family, please bring those powers again for Jordana, Kyle and their two beautiful little girls!

Thanks so much! I'll continue to update as I learn more!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Prayer Request for Asher!

Hey guys. Just wanted to call in the troops. Our friend Asher isn't doing so hot, and he really needs some prayers and positive vibes. Heather (his mom) is with him here in LHSC where he is very sick with what I would consider to be an extreme bradycardia....His whole story is here if you want to really know the scary details. Really, its terrifying. I haven't been this scared since Yale's wait for a heart. I really feel for Heather and Asher and all of their family. Thanks for all you can do!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The latest

SO I am so behind on the blog. I apologize. But really there isn't much news to talk about. Yale went to northern Ontario with Tyler for two weeks at the end of February. He clearly had a blast since he came home with a black eye, attitude, and the need for a new cast. Yes you heard me. Yale has a cast. I don't really know the details, but I do know that Yale took a tumble off the bed and somehow fractured his arm. The only problem is we didn't realize until about three days later. I clued in after I grabbed is arm and he lost it on me. His dad took him to emerge the next morning and to no surprise, there was a fracture. The funny thing is we waited until morning because Yale was dragging around his giant dump truck with that arm. I guess I should be perpared for his pain threshold, being a heart kid and what not. Other than that Yale is great. Completely healthy heart wise. Starting to babble more. we're working on his talking, but I think he's just going to do it in his own time. He had other things to focus on for a few years there, like staying alive, I'll give him a break on the talking.

I've attached a picture of Yale giving dad knuckles with his new cast. Its much more grubbier now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Its been a while

So it sure has been a while since I've updated around here. Yale is doing remarkably well! our next visit is *drumroll please* not until June! WOOHOO! We got to see Mirna and Dr Kantur for clinic. Yale did very well and Dr. K's first word upon seeing Yale were. Wow, he's looking healthy. That put a grin on my face.

Yale is still quite delayed in his speech and is attending play with words, a local play group with a speech pathologist who helps us in working on signing with him, as well as his interaction with the other kiddos.

Yale is currently in northern ontario with his Dad visiting his side of the family. So if you're in Englerhart, take a run into the old towne inne. I'm sure you'll see him running around there somewhere.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A letter to the donor family

Dear Donor Family;
  I'm so sorry this letter has taken so long to come I had hoped with time, the words would come. The truth is there are no words to lessen your loss, and there are no words to accurately describe our gratitude.
  We learned about our son's heart defect while I was still pregnant He was born with a severe heart defect that meant he needed surgery as soon as possible after birth. He had his first open heart surgery at just four days old. This was the beginning of a very hard first year. Although he did relatively well with his surgeries and procedures, his heart proved to be too weak In the months leading up to the transplant, we watched him slowly waste away, and we almost lost him a few times. Then our paths crossed, and with your greatest loss, came our greatest gift.
  Our son is now thriving and I honestly don't think he could be any healthier had he been born with a normal heart. We've never had to spend another night in hospital for any heart related problems so far!! He is quick to smile, give hugs and kisses and enjoy his life as a normal little boy.
  Please know we will never forget your loved one, or the gift you have given us! We, as well as all of those who love our son, plan to do a random act of kindness on the anniversary, in honor of the donor. With all of our love and gratitude, Thank you!
The recipient family, and the recipient!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Second Birthday!!!!

Wow, what a long way we have come! Yale still had no clue, and since Mommy had to work today, we just had cupcakes. Yale wasn't into eating (figures) but he sure loved his balloon! We've come a long way since he was scared of boots (a balloon he had pre transplant)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pneumonia it is!

So thanks to trusting my instincts, Yale has the beginning of pneumonia with a little "junk" in his right lung (the one that works). However since there is no fever, and he's eating fine, we got to come home with a weeks worth of antibiotics, and some ventalin(puffer). Also they gave him a dose of steroids, because his raspy voice would lead one to think croup, but he doesn't have the barky cough. I had to laugh though. Triage was completely empty and only one patient in paeds emerg when we got there. and the place was packed when we left... phew! only 4 hours, and one chest x-ray and we got to come home! YAY!

Oh, and the kid got spoiled for his birthday at emerg. a box of mega bloks, some little people, and a whole bunch of stickers! OH ya, and no admission, he gets to send his second birthday at HOME! YAY!!!

Off to Emerge with little man

The last few days Yale has been quite noisily breathing, and has had a dumb cough. Its been about 4 days with no sign of improvement so I thought I'd take him in. His voice is VERY raspy, and his throat looks inflamed, so on the safe side, I'll take him in, and pray his sats are fine so I can come home tonight!

Keep us in your thoughts, I'll update when I get home.

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