Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pneumonia it is!

So thanks to trusting my instincts, Yale has the beginning of pneumonia with a little "junk" in his right lung (the one that works). However since there is no fever, and he's eating fine, we got to come home with a weeks worth of antibiotics, and some ventalin(puffer). Also they gave him a dose of steroids, because his raspy voice would lead one to think croup, but he doesn't have the barky cough. I had to laugh though. Triage was completely empty and only one patient in paeds emerg when we got there. and the place was packed when we left... phew! only 4 hours, and one chest x-ray and we got to come home! YAY!

Oh, and the kid got spoiled for his birthday at emerg. a box of mega bloks, some little people, and a whole bunch of stickers! OH ya, and no admission, he gets to send his second birthday at HOME! YAY!!!

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