Tuesday, March 31, 2009

impromtu trips to the cath lab

Well... the shoe has dropped. Luckily, we've been through worse, but I've just recieved a phone call from Dr D. Yale is going into the cath lab this Thursday. When they were in there last week they noticed high pressures in his left lung, and Dr C tried some dialation with little to no results. This is something we've known about ever since Yale's transplant. unforunately its gotten much worse. Sooooo, Yale is going to go for an MRI Thursday morning, than straight to cath lab afterwards. They are first going to see if some medicines can help to dialate the veins going to the heart, and increase the blood flow both to the lung and back from the lung to the heart. If not then they hope to be able to do some dialation and stenting. It was frightening when Dr Dipchande said that they were going to do all they could to salvage Yale's left lung, but if not, she has about 10 transplants that a living with one lung. Very frightening indeed, but we've been through so much, this is just another challenge for us.
So prayers are requested that the flow isn't totally compromised, and that Yale's lung can be slavaged.
I'll update as soon as we know.

Friday, March 20, 2009

edit for lexi

It was just a bruised brain, not a stroke. Still not good, but at least a bruise can heal. What a little bugger she is, like she hasn't scared her parents enough!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slacking off

Okay everyone, I know I have totally been slacking off with this whole blog.... but really... there isn't all the much to report :) We've officially made it THREE MONTHS with out an admission.... Yale is doing great. We've been working with Occupational Therapy to help him with his development.... its going wonderfully.... When Melissa first came, Yale wouldn't lay on his belly and he could move or do anything and could very sporadically sit unassisted.... now he is rolling all over the place and will be crawling any day now. He continues to get up onto all fours and rock so I know its only a matter of time! And my favorite milestone that I've been itching for is.... drumroll please... Yale can now hold his own bottle!!!!! Wow... I never thought it was going to happen.

So Yale has a biopsy at the end of March...and then if everything goes well, we'll be down to monthly visits to Toronto.

Anyhoo, I've really noticed that this blog and all you readers, have really helped when I've asked for prayers and positive thoughts. Well, As some of you may know, a friend of ours, Sophia Bossenberry is still awaiting a heart transplant. Her and her parents have quickly approached the one year wait while being in the hospital. This sounds extremely terrible, but i think Sophia's wait has only been so long because of how well she is right now. As all of us know, that can change in an instant. So I'm going to ask all of you that you please pray for Sophia's heart to come and for her and her wonderful family to please get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Update: Lexi was home and doing great with her parents, but I have just learned she was life flighted to Sick Kids with what might be a stroke. I'll update when I know more!

thanks so much.... and for all the help... some pictures of Yale

Okay and for family.... if you like that family portrait...just be patient...:) don't copy and print... you're probably getting the actual version *ahem mom*

till next time!