Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A letter to the donor family

Dear Donor Family;
  I'm so sorry this letter has taken so long to come I had hoped with time, the words would come. The truth is there are no words to lessen your loss, and there are no words to accurately describe our gratitude.
  We learned about our son's heart defect while I was still pregnant He was born with a severe heart defect that meant he needed surgery as soon as possible after birth. He had his first open heart surgery at just four days old. This was the beginning of a very hard first year. Although he did relatively well with his surgeries and procedures, his heart proved to be too weak In the months leading up to the transplant, we watched him slowly waste away, and we almost lost him a few times. Then our paths crossed, and with your greatest loss, came our greatest gift.
  Our son is now thriving and I honestly don't think he could be any healthier had he been born with a normal heart. We've never had to spend another night in hospital for any heart related problems so far!! He is quick to smile, give hugs and kisses and enjoy his life as a normal little boy.
  Please know we will never forget your loved one, or the gift you have given us! We, as well as all of those who love our son, plan to do a random act of kindness on the anniversary, in honor of the donor. With all of our love and gratitude, Thank you!
The recipient family, and the recipient!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Second Birthday!!!!

Wow, what a long way we have come! Yale still had no clue, and since Mommy had to work today, we just had cupcakes. Yale wasn't into eating (figures) but he sure loved his balloon! We've come a long way since he was scared of boots (a balloon he had pre transplant)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pneumonia it is!

So thanks to trusting my instincts, Yale has the beginning of pneumonia with a little "junk" in his right lung (the one that works). However since there is no fever, and he's eating fine, we got to come home with a weeks worth of antibiotics, and some ventalin(puffer). Also they gave him a dose of steroids, because his raspy voice would lead one to think croup, but he doesn't have the barky cough. I had to laugh though. Triage was completely empty and only one patient in paeds emerg when we got there. and the place was packed when we left... phew! only 4 hours, and one chest x-ray and we got to come home! YAY!

Oh, and the kid got spoiled for his birthday at emerg. a box of mega bloks, some little people, and a whole bunch of stickers! OH ya, and no admission, he gets to send his second birthday at HOME! YAY!!!

Off to Emerge with little man

The last few days Yale has been quite noisily breathing, and has had a dumb cough. Its been about 4 days with no sign of improvement so I thought I'd take him in. His voice is VERY raspy, and his throat looks inflamed, so on the safe side, I'll take him in, and pray his sats are fine so I can come home tonight!

Keep us in your thoughts, I'll update when I get home.

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