Wednesday, May 11, 2011


HAHA! Not for the country! But vote for mine and Yale's picture in the "mama love contest" for Vesta Shops.
You need to like their fan page on facebook.... feel free to vote for others as well... but vote for me so i can win! :)

The title of this thread is a link to the albums page on facebook. Happy voting! and thank you!

Go to Vesta Shop facebook page. Like Them, go to photos, to the "mama love" album and then vote in the comments!!/pages/Vesta-Shop/301947852245

Monday, May 2, 2011

the truth is

I have been ignoring this blog a little bit. I've sort of been a little preoccupied with my new journey. To lose all this fat I have put on over the years! And frankly....since its sooo successful, I am going to not make excuses, and just direct you to the other blog.. follow the title of this post.... its hyperlinked.... and should take you right there! :)