Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home Life

Hey everyone... just a few pictures of us at home... we've been home for a few days.. and things still are taking some getting used to! We are VERY happy to be home though... You never really know how restrictive constant O2 saturation monitoring really is. Now if I want to go get a drink and I am holding Yale...I can just go, no waiting for someone to come so I can pass him off or beg them to get stuff for me.
I had lost the charger for my camera while in Toronto, and finally got another....so NOW we are actually going to be able to see just how cute the little pooter is... :) Thats my nickname for him... pooter... because you can hear the boy fart anywhere in the house...LOL... Oh the joys of new babies... and being home!
We have our first Pediatric apointment tomorrow with Dr Manchander, so we'll get to see how good Yale is doing. I personally think he is sick and tired of the NG-tube, because he has been working hard at taking feeds. He's taken about three bottles a day without the need for the gravity feed, and even when he doesn't its usually then middle of the night when he is sleep-eating. Even then he still takes at least half by mouth....so hopefully we'll have the tube out in no time! YAY!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Really quick!

Yale has been DISCHARGED!

We're spending the night at the RMH and leaving for home tomorrow....
After all my education of giving needles and placing NG-tubes.. we are finally outta there... a little nervous, but super excited!

Must get organized and pack to go home... GAH!

Monday, January 21, 2008

They say home SOON!

Hi everyone...This is going to be very short and sweet.
I haven't been able to blog because I have been staying with Yale in our private room. Its great to be on the last step before home, but I am majorly suffering from what i affectionately refer to as "hospital headache". Tyler was nice enough to send me back to the room for some R&R before the long night ahead of me trying Yale on his feeds.

So the good news is we should be home by the end of the week. OT is working on getting Yale's feeds sorted out. (Already the J-tube is coming out and we're leaving the G-tube in) He is taking a little from bottle but really we have to work slowly to stretch his stomach out so he can tollerate his feeds.

Anyhoo.. I must go lay down because of this darn headache, but there is talk of going home on Wednesday. We've already begun our training for care at home. I'd love to go home on Wednesday, but knowing out history with actually doing something when they forcast it, I'm expecting something more of lets say friday.... WHICH IS AMAZING!

So anyhoo...I doubt I'll get around to blogging againg until we are home and I can have regular access to the laptop again.... until then.....

Oh yeah... just want everyone to say a little prayer for Kati and Bruce. They are distant aquaintances of mine through the HLHS support group on Yahoo. Their ADORABLE son Seamus lost his battle and has gone to play with the angels. I wish them some comfort in this time of heavy hearts and sorrow.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

new pictures

Hey folks... not too much to report today.

Yale is moving along on his feeds with his J-tube. He was at 15ml/hr when we left and will be well over the 20 he needs to get that damn line taken out of his neck.... FINALLY! Just before we left I had a small breakdown realizing I may never get to breastfeed him. Its like the end all be all of motherhood for me and something I want to do so bad... and to realize it may never come to be, really broke me down. I know I am very thankful that Yale is here with us, especially considering his rocky start, I am lucky to have him so stable. Its just something I'll have to come to terms with. I'm not giving up the good fight. I continue to pump like a maniac (I know breastmilk is best for him) and I have a small hope he might take to being orally fed. Those of you who are breastfeeding advocates say fight with all your might, and those of you that are mothers of children with feeding issues say I know how you feel. I'm torn between really mad I don't have my perfect dream of motherhood and yet REALLY thankful I have Yale at all.
Today was relatively uneventful. Yale had his drainage tube taken out so now he has nothing in his belly! WOOHOO! We're still not in 4D yet. I'm starting to think its some mystical place that they try to pump you up for.. LOL. if only I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd start to think all the nurses and Drs are just messing with me. That being said Dr Ben is starting to seem frustrated that we aren't upstairs yet. Yale is obviously not in need of critical care, but there is still no room for us. *shrug* I was content with my 24/7 nursing, but not I'm starting to get anxious about getting the hell out of that hospital and getting on with life before we have to turn around and come back for the next stage of surgery. I'm yearning to know what its like to just be at home being a mommy full time...
On that note. Yale is looking better and better everyday.... and here are pics to prove it taken just minutes ago... :) Enjoy my handsome prince! He sure has changed since his first days!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just a quick update

Alright. I've started to slow down on the posting. Trust me, no news is always good news or well...at the very least, just no news.

We're still in the critical care unit at Sick Kids. We've officially been discharged from critical care and are supposed to be up in 4D with a step down bed, however just like when waiting to be induced, there are no beds available for Yale. I really don't mind that much because that just means he still has his 24/7 care and I can feel good about coming back to the RMH to get some sleep. I swear that hospital is a black hole. You walk in the doors and after what seems like a half hour turns out to be more that 12 hours. Its insane and REALLY tiring.... but Yale is worth it.

Yale has still been having difficulty with his feeds. So today he had an NJ-tube placed. Its just like the N-tube only it goes a little past the stomach and into the intestine. I was against it, but I really don't have a say, and I have to trust the doctors. They say it will just help Yale's body learn to digest faster, because he has been having a lot of aspirates with his other feeds. I'm going to be watching closely but I think its about time we started some oral feeds. Or at least start practicing to see make sure he doesn't begin to rely on his feeding tube. I plan to speak up about this very soon. Right now we just need to get his feeds up and get the last line in his neck out. Then I will be really taking over. Well as much as I can with a nurse constantly looking over my shoulder :)

We have confirmed that Yale's seizures are due to a stroke. They believe the stroke happened during surgery. They have the theory that a clot formed in his heart and went to his brain and caused the stroke. The good news is that the recommended therapy would be a blood thinner, which Yale is already on and will be on until his next surgery at least. They did another EEG today and there was no signs of seizure activity...YAY! We spoke with neurology again and because of where the stroke happened in his brain there is the very possible chance that it may never affect him again and the brain will heal itself. However the future is never a guarantee and Yale will be watched closely to make sure there are no more signs of stroke, and that if the onr he had is going to affect it, we will be able in intervene at the most earliest time possible.

Other than that, we are still doing great. Yale is much more awake and will become more so as he is now coming off another anti seizing medication.

We're doing great and as of now, feeding is going to be one of our major issues to overcome. It really seems to be the priority now, so lets all work together and pray that Yale proves everybody wrong and take to his feeds and takes to breastfeeding!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Did someone say 4D?

Hiya everyone :)

Today has been a great day to say the least. This morning Tyler and I walked in to see Yale in a "big boy bed". He is in an actual crib now. I spent the day sitting by Yale's bedside trying to subside the guilt I have been having about spending so much time away at the RMH getting sleep and naps in. Today I just stuck around and boy am I ever glad I did. We made so many strides closer to home I don't know where to begin.

I guess I will start with the worst of the news. I spoke with the neurologist and she says that it is good that Yale's seizures are under control, but that he may have some developmental delays. There aren't any guarantees as to what is going to happen, but we will have early intervention coming around right from the get go to diagnos any issues as they arrise. I personally don't think there is much to worry about... Yale is acting like a completely normal baby.

Now with the good news. Yale has almost all of his lines out. Everything is out except the line in his neck that is giving him his nutrients because his feeds aren't even close to being up to par. He had his pacing wires taken out today but the surgeon wasn't happy with the drainage tube so he wants it to stay a few more days. He isn't on any oxygen anymore. The only dip he had in his sats was tonight while I was holding him he started retching and they dropped to the 50s but quickly came back up to the high 80's. He is off his heparin (anti coagulant) and will be beginning his new one that is an injectible. One that we will be giving him until his next surgery.

So basically everything that was keep us from going upstairs to the step down unit is gone. Now its just another case of waiting for a room to come available. Since he is on his new thinner the majority of his care will be up to us. Once he is in his own private room, I will be staying overnight with him while Ty stays here. Maybe we'll even take turns with Yale at night and the other getting a good rest here at the RMH. Going up to 4D is a great thing as it is the step down unit and the next step after that is going home :D Now my oh my am I ever excited for that!

Oh yeah.... here is a picture of Yale his first time in clothes. So many leads are gone all thats left can fit through the snaps. Doesn't he look like such a normal baby now? He sure is acting like one!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yale's Original Due Date

Today is January 12th 2008. Today was my originaly due date for Yale. It seems only fitting today I got to hold my sweet baby.

As for Yale's medical condition, he is continuing to amaze me. He had one of his drainage tubes taken out today. As well neurology had another EEG done on him to monitor the electrical levels in his brain where they think there is damage. We haven't really gotten any results yet, but they say it is great that he hasn't had any more seizures, the medication he is on is helping.

Yale has also been taken off of morphine and placed on codiene. They hope that this will allow him to become more aware. The morphine was making him pretty drowsy, and they hope changing his pain killers can help him to wake up, and help his breathing become more stable without the help of nasal prongs.

His nurse mentioned to me that he has quite to sucking reflex when given his feeds, and she isn't making promises. but thinks he'll be a great breastfeeder! We just need him to be able to manage his breathing on his own and they will let us try a few breast feeds...

Today has been a great day so far... I know we have a long way to go, but man did I ever need and enjoy the time I had with Yale... Life will never be the same for me.... or anyone for that matter!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Still no news

Hiya everyone..
We still have yet to hear any news about Yale's seizures. They took him for another CT scan today as it turns out his stent in his heart isn't compatible with the MRI machine.

BUT!... we got to see him wide awake for a change! just for a few minutes, but it was great!

AND.... Mom left today at 8 am :( and at 9:30 am we called the Ronald McDonald House and got a room! WOOHOO! I cannot even explain how impressive this place is. It was such a huge relief to know now it only costs us $15 dollars a night instead of $100 a night to stay close to Yale.

Our room is amazing and cozy and I am so happy that I can finally make myself at home for a little while. Tyler was especially thankful for the two HUGE barbques downstairs.. :)

So as we await the news of Yale's seizures, we are glad to be somewhere that feels so comfortable... now we can walk into his room and not bring all the stress with us. Please join us in giving all our happy healthy vibes to Yale to help him heal faster and come home sooner!

This is our room....its amazing....so everyone please do your share and eat lots of McDonalds kids meals! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


So yes, the episodes that Yale has been having are in fact seizures.
He is scheduled to have an MRI in the morning to see whats really going on if it is brain damage from surgery or stroke. The Neurologist said that it is quite common in babies who have had heart surgery. I think she was trying to make me feel better....unsuccessfully of course.

So they have uped his anti seizure medication to stop the seizures, and basically we just wait.... until we get some answers...

I was really allowing myself to get upset about all this until I just realized how much Yale has already been through....he is an amazing little boy and a few seizures isn't going to get in our way of bringing our sweet little man home!

So stayed tuned for more information.... as of right now... things are just up in the air.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rollercoasters SUCK!

Hiya folks....
Oh the joys of the rollercoaster of life! LOL
Today has been pretty great but sure has seen some of it's share of challenges.
First the bad news....

Yale has been seizing. His left leg has been twitching and because of the EEG on his head they can tell that it is seizures. They have given him anti-seizure medication and hopefully it works until the doctors can come in and get things figured out. I hope its minor or at least controllable with meds. The nurse said at the very least his pupils are responsive and that is a good sign.

The good news...

Yale is continuing to breathe on his own, and they have started to feed him....WOOHOO....so now all that pumping doesn't seem so futile...
And...tonight he really opened both eyes and gave me a good stare.... every once in a while he'd look over at the nurse that was fiddling around with his med pumps and then he's look at me... It was so great to have that...We hadn't been able to look at each other yet... so it was a great bonding moment...

Luckily for you... i had the camera in my pocket :)


Hey just a super quick update to say that at 4:40am last night Yale was successfully extabated. (took his breathing tube out)

He's really labouring to breathe on his own and they are talking of putting the tube back in. This is something I don't want.... so lets all send our strength to Yale to keep up the good fight.

It was so sweet to hear his little raspy voice today, and I don't want that to go away :(

I sure love this little guy.... he is so amazingly strong and I am amazed at his strength.. I worry constantly that he'll start to run out of energy...

Please pray for him to remain extabated and start taking stronger deeper breaths... once they feel he has stablized that way they will start him on his feeds....and thats a clear sign of us coming home sooner rather than later!

Just attaching a picture of his sweet little face.... still quite swollen...but i never go a chance to see him without his breathing tube.... so its great to see him like this... AND to hear him.. :) It warms my heart and makes me yearn to hold him...i cannot wait until the first time i can hold him!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Out of Surgery and Fighting our way out of the Hospital!

Hello everyone....i bet you all have been waiting patiently to hear an update on Yale.
Today was a long day to say the least.... a rollercoaster of nerves and emotions. I won't really get into how we were feeling emotionally because I'm sure you all have an idea of what we were going through.
At 20 after 8 in the morning we walked with Yale up to the cath lab where we had to say our goodbyes before he went into anaestesia. After that it was the longest 6 hours or our lives.
We weren't prepared for quite the long wait, because the surgery itself is only about 2 hours long. However he had to have his MRI before going into surgery, then later we found out his blood pressure had really dropped and they were going to postpone his surgery until the next day,.... however.... around 1.30 pm we talked to Dr Caldarone and he said that Yale came through surgery well. There were some bumps but nothing major. He was of course watching his arm as he was worried there might be a small blood clot because it was discolored and not gaining color. Luckily, it has turned out to just be caused by the low blood pressure.
So anyhoo.... YALE DID GREAT! and is doing GREAT still.... they are working on getting him off the ventilator over night. He is stable and holding his own.....fighing like a champ to get off that bed and into our arms!
In the pictures I attached one is him yesterday....last picture of his scar free chest...and the other is him tonight after surgery. Most of his leads and the bandage on his head are just a part of a research project we are allowing them to do on Yale. They are just monitoring his blood gas levels and how different levels of oxygen were affecting the levels of activity in his brain after surgery. Nothing that can harm him, but just a theory they want to test on babies that undergo the Hybrid Procedure.
So all in all..... with a stressful morning and long wait..Yale came through surgery with flying colors and is doing great!
Thank you so much everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts that everyone sent our way.... we sure could feel them! Keep them coming! We have along way to go, but are looking forward to what the future has to hold for us and our little fighter!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Surgery is SET for approx 8 am Tuesday

Hi everyone....

this is just a quick update about surgery. We met with Dr Calderone and Yale's surgery is set for Tuesday morning.

I never got to hold Yale today because he is stable enough to be under anaestetic long enough to have his MRI then straight to surgery. They were going to split it up and have his MRI today then surgery later on, but Dr Calderone thinks he is looking great.

I am a nervous wreck on the edge of tears. I know its for the best, but just to see Yale so active and he looks so healthy today, and to have to put him through such a hard time.... it doesn't seem fair.... but I know its what needs to be done.

I'll try to update when I can... but no guarantees... just keep checking in... and don't forget to pray for us!

Lots of Love,
Tanna Tyler and Yale

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hiya everyone.... just a quick update to let everyone know that Yale is continuing to improve. He is moving much more than when I last saw him. He is still quite swollen but he is stooling and peeing well so thats a great sign. Means all the vitals are working! They have weaned him off a blood pressure medication and was holding it on his own, but he is now on one that he will be on for a while...
I got the news that i may be lucky enough to get to hold him tomorrow. They are taking him for an MRI and in between transporting him, he may be strong enough for me to hold him...So Tyler and I are waking up first thing in the morning to go over there to make sure we are around when they transport him so not to miss the small window that will be available.

They are saying his surgery may not be until Tuesday now because he is more stable. But only Yale has the final say in that, so keep the prayers coming in case we can't request them in time!

Today I got to assist in changing a poopy diaper.... I was a little too scared of all the wires so I helped while the nurse did most of the dirty work....:) but now I know what I can handle I'll be the first to volunteer to do it when the time comes... Also got to bathe him... and gave him a little rub down...so he smelled like a sweet little baby.... funny how happy the simplest things can make you.....

So I am finally discharged from the hospital and getting rest at the hotel while Yale is doing well at Sick Kids. After the surgery I will be using a parent room and probably won't update for a little while until things kind of get under control....Really I won't want to leave his side until I know he is doing well!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Still even better!

Well Yale is really settling in over across the road at Sick Kids. He is really showing signs of turning around from what condition he was in when he first arrived. They are still cutting back on the sedative and he was moving....scared the crap outta me infact! I went to touch his little feet like I always do and he moved his foot away. :) I guess he doesn't like being tickled either, just like me! And he was making sucking motions and opening is one hand. A few times i even got him to squirm for me! Whole body squirming.

Its such a relief to go in there and not see three nurses and the doctor all huddled around his pod. :) I even asked the nurse how he was tonight and she said he was doing good and didn't expect there to be too much going on overnight....She even left his bedside a few times...that shows quite some confidence in how stable he is!

So really the prayers are helping...keep them coming! And to everyone whom I said I would be visiting with while here... I still want to! Its just going to be postponed a little bit. Things are getting busy with meeting doctors and then surgery then the critical hours after surgery so I doubt I will have the time to do anything for a little while...but keep posted... I want you all to meet this little man, not to mention see some friends I haven't seen in ages!


Slightly more stable...for now

I was just over visiting with the most handsome man ever! :) When we got there they were just doing an echo on his heart and it is still looking good. Well as good as an HLHS heart can I guess.

They had gotten him a bit more stable and are slowly taking down the paralytic to see how he tolerates not being so sedated. I was hoping to see some flicker of movement, but not so lucky this time. I hope he tolerates things well and is in great condition for when I go back tonight. Right now i'm just exhausted and want to take advantage of a slightly better report and hopefully get a good nap in.

As it stands we are looking at surgery for early Monday afternoon. This still all depends on things that are out of our control, but I am adamantly keeping up with this blog because I know there are a lot of you out there that love this little guy and are just as worried as we are! So as things get firm and plans start to take place I'll be posting here so be sure to pass the word around.

Until then.. here is a lighter picture of my cute little guy... he has his Daddy's toes...just like I hoped he WOULDN'T lol... but at least he looks like me I guess!

Pictures of Yale

Friday, January 4, 2008

My sweet sweet baby

Here are a few pictures of Yale over at Sick Kids. I was not happy to find out he isn't in the best of condition. He has been very unstable over the past few hours. Although he was much better when I finally was allowed to go see him. They are watching him like a hawk, but I somehow am still upset. I had this feeling he was doing so great, and it was just a slap in the face to find out how delicate he really is.
I'm hoping to get discharged early tomorrow because we need to talk to the cardiologist. He wants to show us some tracings (history of his health) and we need to get on top of what is going on for surgery. They say with his issues they hope to have a time to get him in for Monday. I will know a low more, so in the mean time everyone please keep your positive thoughts and prayers coming! We're going to need them in the next few weeks!
Tanna, Tyler and Yale

Welcome Yale John Kenny Seaton!

Hello everyone! I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of the family. Yale John Kenny Seaton was born at 1:23 am January 4th 2008. He weighed in at 7lbs 11oz. Still no word on how long he is! He came very rapidly and with a LOT of excitement!
As you all know we last left off with me going back to MSH to get checked out and learn the progress of the first gel application. Well we went back and were brought back in and assessed and given another gel. At this time my contractions really became what I would call INTENSE. Although they were lasting only a few seconds the were on top of one another. I always hate getting monitored because ihave to lay on my back and that made the pain of these minor contractions extreme. When I came in I rated them as about a 3 in the pain scale, and while I was being monitored they jumped up to about an 8. Aparently the gel was doing its job!
I tried going for a walk to see if they would ease up and we could go back to the hotel until something started to happen or until it was time for the next dose of the gel. Well when the night shift OB came on he came and assessed me and was concerned i was already in active labour because of the intensity I was rating these contractions.
Thank GOD he did is all I can say! My contractions became even more and more intense and wimpy little me, the sucker I am didn't even hesitate when they offered me the epidural. I got the epidural when I was only 2-3 cm. They said it could slow labor but because I was contracting so consistantly and they were right on top of each other it might be good for the baby to get a little rest.
Well let me tell you Monica my Epi queen was my best friend as soon as those drugs kicked in. I was having the greatest time and finally at around 11:00 pm I got a bit of rest.
While I was enjoying the tingling feeling of no more back labour, Yale was playing havoc with everyone. His heart rate became quite erratic and scary at times. Shortly after 12 I told the resident that I was feeling pain the my rectum. Very unsual for that to happen only and hour or so after geting an epidural. I still tease her now that she said to me "based on where you were at the last time I checked you I doubt he is progressing that quickly" and she never even took a peak. She then said if I was feeling the same pain in a few more contractions she would come and have a look. Well needless to say Yale's heart rate dropped and they were getting me into all sorts of positions to see if it would come up. They had a fetal monitor on his head and when my nurse tried to manipulate it to see if it wasn't the baby in distress, just the pick had come lose his heart rateall of a sudden stopped. In a matter of seconds there were 20 nurses and doctors in there and they were rushing me into the OR for an emergency section. I was given a major dose of epi to numb me well and when the OB checked me his head was crowning. I immediately began pushing and it took about 10 pushes and he was out. I had my eyes closed and when he finally came out. As I opened them to see him be born, Tyler had just gotten in the room and then Yale let out the biggest scream. That was by far the best thing I have ever heard. Tyler and I immediately burst into tears. It was a very painful and eventful delivery.... but worth every "countless" stitch I recieved.
I won't get into details here, but if anyone knows what a 4th degree tears is, thats what I got from Yale's quick entrance. I love to see the look on the nurses' faces when they are doing rounds and they hear the words 4th degree laceration. Even the doctor that sewed me up said she has no idea how many stitches there are, but there are layers and layers of them.
I think the fact that they are keeping me on some mega painkillers and stool softeners is enough of an indication of what happened
About Yale's health. His heart rate picked up quickly after delivery and he is doing great. He was getting a little too much oxygen and his sats were high so they were taking care of that. Right now he is at Sick Kids and stable. The nurses all say he's a cutie. For the meantime I am stuck here at MSH, but Tyler is going to spend some time with him and get some more pictures. for me to tide me over until I can go see him myself... so stay tuned! Our journey has just begun!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

And so it begins! FINALLY

okay everyone....
after quite the eventful day in Toronto we have now begun our induction! WOOHOO!

Yesterday was quite eventful with the supper from hell!, Laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, almost peeing on the couch, exploding bread, and a fire alarm at 3:18am I am now back at the hotel with the hopes of these conractions picking.

We got the call at 7:45am this morning to come in they wanted to begin the induction! Woohoo!
So there we were, baby happy and active, my blood pressure through the roof, and the best nurse ever Debby! LOL.

I've been given my first dose of the "gel" LOL... prostaglandin? I have no clue what they told me it was... but thats what has been given and we were allowed to leave to wait for it to do its thing. Have to go back at 4pm for another check and maybe another dose of gel, or HOPEFULLY the cervix has softened enough that they can get these contractions a little stronger and closer together!

Not that I am looking forward to the pain, but I will be thankful when it comes so I know that its almost over!

We'll keep you posted as best as possible and as soon as we have pictures... I'll be adding them!
Wish us luck!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still Delayed

I swear I am gunna lose my temper. I mean if patience is a virtue... I am not at all virtuous today let me tell you! We went BACK to MSH today only to have another NST and then get the call that there are no beds at sick kids.

I get it that he is safe and happy in the womb and they would chose him to be in the womb over in an incubator, but really? two days? I mean we could have sat at home waiting for a phone call to let us know a bed was or is coming available... Yes a 2 hour drive in inconvenient, but spending money we don't have to waste to do nothing in Toronto is more of one!

Tomorrow at least I can call before I waste my time going in. Let me tell you if there is no bed I will definitely lose it...
I mean the excuse I go today was... "people come from all over to get care at sick kids we can't predict when beds will be available" Well yes you can...instead of having MSH say when I should be induced, how about let Sick Kids make that call! I know for a fact that Sick Kids is much more efficient at EVERYTHING than MSH is.... Granted some babies are sick after birth, but what percentage come everyday.

*sigh* the good thing though is we got to go shopping and we bought a travel system. So it distracted me and calmed me down a bit. I mean he does have to come out at somepoint, but why schedule an induction that isn't going to happen?


In the mean time, keep the channel here! There will be some news eventually.... I HOPE!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Delayed :(

Well all the nerves and excitment for nothing :( We've been put off on having a baby :(


Actually we arrived at Mount Sinai at 11:30 am. At this point they said they were waiting for the go ahead to begin the induction from Sick Kids. The nurses at sick kids were doing rounds and then they would call as there were two of us waiting for beds from them. Well while they waited I had a none stress test done... apparently the was no stress...LOL

So we just had to sit and wait to hear from them. Eventually around 2 we heard that there were no beds... So they were going to just give me a bed in the hospital for the night.. After staring at the walls for a few hours i was NOT looking forward to staying in a hospital for no reason at all... So I said i would rather go to a hotel.

This was a good idea because they were having lots of regular admissions at MS and didn't want to take a bed that they could use. But they needed to get the doctors okay to discharge me.... I had my blood pressure taken.... it was high... so they then wanted to draw blood to run labs to make sure I was okay and baby wasn't in any harm. Well that meant we couldn't be discharged until after the labs came back...

The labs came back after about 2 hours. Finally we were discharged and told to come back at 9am.

So here we are...tired and bored and wishing I was at the hospital...but alas we are at the hotel :(
Oh well... heres to another night filled with anticipation and few ZZZZzzzs

I'll be sure to get SOMEONE to post an update when something substantial starts to happen!