Friday, January 11, 2008

Still no news

Hiya everyone..
We still have yet to hear any news about Yale's seizures. They took him for another CT scan today as it turns out his stent in his heart isn't compatible with the MRI machine.

BUT!... we got to see him wide awake for a change! just for a few minutes, but it was great!

AND.... Mom left today at 8 am :( and at 9:30 am we called the Ronald McDonald House and got a room! WOOHOO! I cannot even explain how impressive this place is. It was such a huge relief to know now it only costs us $15 dollars a night instead of $100 a night to stay close to Yale.

Our room is amazing and cozy and I am so happy that I can finally make myself at home for a little while. Tyler was especially thankful for the two HUGE barbques downstairs.. :)

So as we await the news of Yale's seizures, we are glad to be somewhere that feels so comfortable... now we can walk into his room and not bring all the stress with us. Please join us in giving all our happy healthy vibes to Yale to help him heal faster and come home sooner!

This is our room....its everyone please do your share and eat lots of McDonalds kids meals! :)

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Michelle said...

Hi Tanna

I know we only know each other from work, and not very well, but I have been thinking of you and your beautiful baby...I explained the situation to my boys the other night, and right away, my oldest Dylan said he would say a prayer every night for Yale...he is very concerned as to why this happens to a little I have had to read alot about the whole thing. Anyway just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, and hope the little guy continues to get stronger every day...take good care.