Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home Life

Hey everyone... just a few pictures of us at home... we've been home for a few days.. and things still are taking some getting used to! We are VERY happy to be home though... You never really know how restrictive constant O2 saturation monitoring really is. Now if I want to go get a drink and I am holding Yale...I can just go, no waiting for someone to come so I can pass him off or beg them to get stuff for me.
I had lost the charger for my camera while in Toronto, and finally got another....so NOW we are actually going to be able to see just how cute the little pooter is... :) Thats my nickname for him... pooter... because you can hear the boy fart anywhere in the house...LOL... Oh the joys of new babies... and being home!
We have our first Pediatric apointment tomorrow with Dr Manchander, so we'll get to see how good Yale is doing. I personally think he is sick and tired of the NG-tube, because he has been working hard at taking feeds. He's taken about three bottles a day without the need for the gravity feed, and even when he doesn't its usually then middle of the night when he is sleep-eating. Even then he still takes at least half by mouth....so hopefully we'll have the tube out in no time! YAY!


Leigh (lms) said...

What a cutie you have on your hands there Tanna! And doing so well!!
Great job to all of you!!

Anonymous said...

heres to hoping the tube comes out!!

oddduck said...

Thats so great - what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Wonderful news!