Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Still Delayed

I swear I am gunna lose my temper. I mean if patience is a virtue... I am not at all virtuous today let me tell you! We went BACK to MSH today only to have another NST and then get the call that there are no beds at sick kids.

I get it that he is safe and happy in the womb and they would chose him to be in the womb over in an incubator, but really? two days? I mean we could have sat at home waiting for a phone call to let us know a bed was or is coming available... Yes a 2 hour drive in inconvenient, but spending money we don't have to waste to do nothing in Toronto is more of one!

Tomorrow at least I can call before I waste my time going in. Let me tell you if there is no bed I will definitely lose it...
I mean the excuse I go today was... "people come from all over to get care at sick kids we can't predict when beds will be available" Well yes you can...instead of having MSH say when I should be induced, how about let Sick Kids make that call! I know for a fact that Sick Kids is much more efficient at EVERYTHING than MSH is.... Granted some babies are sick after birth, but what percentage come everyday.

*sigh* the good thing though is we got to go shopping and we bought a travel system. So it distracted me and calmed me down a bit. I mean he does have to come out at somepoint, but why schedule an induction that isn't going to happen?


In the mean time, keep the channel here! There will be some news eventually.... I HOPE!


Heather Peters said...

i know exactly what you're going through. with my first, i had to be induced, so we sat around waiting for days! UGH! it's frustrating, and then they freak out b/c of your blood pressure. why do they even bother?! of course it's gonna be high. what do they honestly expect, i mean, really! lol unfortunately, though, this is only the beginning. over the next few weeks, you're going to wait. for pretty much everything (esp in the line at timmie's - it's like every doctor and nurse at SickKids is addicted! not that i blame them. lol) one of the fellows in CCCU remembered me 6months later as the mom who stared at the monitors all day. have some fun while you're waiting. go shopping for stuff for the baby - they're good about a stuffed toy in the crib with him, and bringing your own supplies like bum cream and wipes. it's easy right now, you only have (relatively) a little stress right now (despite how you feel).
we're praying for you and the baby.

Courtney said...

Sorry to read that you are still in limbo. Just know we are pulling for you!

amy said...

Ugh, hope to hear great news soon!

oddduck said...

I can't imagine what you are going through, I was stressing waiting the whole 1 hour it took for the hospital to call when they had a bed ready for my induction. I'll just multiply that feeling by 100x. Best of luck - I hope you have your precious son in your arms soon :)

Jenaia said...

I also get where you are at right now, although I was only delayed by a day. They had me all ready to go in for a pre-planned C-section. I was in a wheel chair and I had the little head cover on and everything. All of the sudden they wonder if anyone called Sick Kids yet. So then they called them and had to wait for them to call back. So I go to the waiting room where my family is in just my hospital gown waiting to here. Finally at like 5:00pm they tell me to go ahead and eat(I hadn't eating since midnight the night before)because I wouldn't be having the C-section that day. He still wasn't born until 3:01 the next day and it doesn't take that long to do a C-section. Sooo frusterating.

Thinking of you and praying all goes well, when ever the baby does arrive and that you won't have to wait much longer.