Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome Yale John Kenny Seaton!

Hello everyone! I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of the family. Yale John Kenny Seaton was born at 1:23 am January 4th 2008. He weighed in at 7lbs 11oz. Still no word on how long he is! He came very rapidly and with a LOT of excitement!
As you all know we last left off with me going back to MSH to get checked out and learn the progress of the first gel application. Well we went back and were brought back in and assessed and given another gel. At this time my contractions really became what I would call INTENSE. Although they were lasting only a few seconds the were on top of one another. I always hate getting monitored because ihave to lay on my back and that made the pain of these minor contractions extreme. When I came in I rated them as about a 3 in the pain scale, and while I was being monitored they jumped up to about an 8. Aparently the gel was doing its job!
I tried going for a walk to see if they would ease up and we could go back to the hotel until something started to happen or until it was time for the next dose of the gel. Well when the night shift OB came on he came and assessed me and was concerned i was already in active labour because of the intensity I was rating these contractions.
Thank GOD he did is all I can say! My contractions became even more and more intense and wimpy little me, the sucker I am didn't even hesitate when they offered me the epidural. I got the epidural when I was only 2-3 cm. They said it could slow labor but because I was contracting so consistantly and they were right on top of each other it might be good for the baby to get a little rest.
Well let me tell you Monica my Epi queen was my best friend as soon as those drugs kicked in. I was having the greatest time and finally at around 11:00 pm I got a bit of rest.
While I was enjoying the tingling feeling of no more back labour, Yale was playing havoc with everyone. His heart rate became quite erratic and scary at times. Shortly after 12 I told the resident that I was feeling pain the my rectum. Very unsual for that to happen only and hour or so after geting an epidural. I still tease her now that she said to me "based on where you were at the last time I checked you I doubt he is progressing that quickly" and she never even took a peak. She then said if I was feeling the same pain in a few more contractions she would come and have a look. Well needless to say Yale's heart rate dropped and they were getting me into all sorts of positions to see if it would come up. They had a fetal monitor on his head and when my nurse tried to manipulate it to see if it wasn't the baby in distress, just the pick had come lose his heart rateall of a sudden stopped. In a matter of seconds there were 20 nurses and doctors in there and they were rushing me into the OR for an emergency section. I was given a major dose of epi to numb me well and when the OB checked me his head was crowning. I immediately began pushing and it took about 10 pushes and he was out. I had my eyes closed and when he finally came out. As I opened them to see him be born, Tyler had just gotten in the room and then Yale let out the biggest scream. That was by far the best thing I have ever heard. Tyler and I immediately burst into tears. It was a very painful and eventful delivery.... but worth every "countless" stitch I recieved.
I won't get into details here, but if anyone knows what a 4th degree tears is, thats what I got from Yale's quick entrance. I love to see the look on the nurses' faces when they are doing rounds and they hear the words 4th degree laceration. Even the doctor that sewed me up said she has no idea how many stitches there are, but there are layers and layers of them.
I think the fact that they are keeping me on some mega painkillers and stool softeners is enough of an indication of what happened
About Yale's health. His heart rate picked up quickly after delivery and he is doing great. He was getting a little too much oxygen and his sats were high so they were taking care of that. Right now he is at Sick Kids and stable. The nurses all say he's a cutie. For the meantime I am stuck here at MSH, but Tyler is going to spend some time with him and get some more pictures. for me to tide me over until I can go see him myself... so stay tuned! Our journey has just begun!


alison said...

He's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Drea said...

I am sure you are very happy to have him finally here.
I love the name...

Best of luck in the coming weeks.
Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

Congrat's on the little Man Tanna, he is adorable, best of luck and keep us in touch

Jenaia said...

Congratulations! You describing how you felt when Yale was born is so familiar to me... Takes me back. I am so happy for you. Thinking of you and Yale. I will continue to pray for you both.


Heather said...

congratulations! he's absolutely gorgeous!

amy said...

Congratulations Tanna! OMG he's SO adorable! What an eventful delivery, for sure! OUCH!!! I'm so happy for you! We're celebrating on LM's for you!

Jodi(LM's) said...

Congratulations Tanna!!! He is so beautiful!!
You have picked such a strong name for your son. I LOVE it!!
I pray that Yale's Surgery goes well.

Carol (LM) said...

Tanna, I had goose bumps when you talked about Yales first cry, there's no better sound or feeling in the world! I'm so happy for you all! Welcome Yale!!!!

LM Scrappymom said...

CONGRATS Tanna!!! You did a great job! He's gorgeous!!!! Hope that all goes well for him and you!!! Keep us updated!!!! We're all thinking of you!!

Maura said...

Well written article.

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