Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just a quick update

Alright. I've started to slow down on the posting. Trust me, no news is always good news or the very least, just no news.

We're still in the critical care unit at Sick Kids. We've officially been discharged from critical care and are supposed to be up in 4D with a step down bed, however just like when waiting to be induced, there are no beds available for Yale. I really don't mind that much because that just means he still has his 24/7 care and I can feel good about coming back to the RMH to get some sleep. I swear that hospital is a black hole. You walk in the doors and after what seems like a half hour turns out to be more that 12 hours. Its insane and REALLY tiring.... but Yale is worth it.

Yale has still been having difficulty with his feeds. So today he had an NJ-tube placed. Its just like the N-tube only it goes a little past the stomach and into the intestine. I was against it, but I really don't have a say, and I have to trust the doctors. They say it will just help Yale's body learn to digest faster, because he has been having a lot of aspirates with his other feeds. I'm going to be watching closely but I think its about time we started some oral feeds. Or at least start practicing to see make sure he doesn't begin to rely on his feeding tube. I plan to speak up about this very soon. Right now we just need to get his feeds up and get the last line in his neck out. Then I will be really taking over. Well as much as I can with a nurse constantly looking over my shoulder :)

We have confirmed that Yale's seizures are due to a stroke. They believe the stroke happened during surgery. They have the theory that a clot formed in his heart and went to his brain and caused the stroke. The good news is that the recommended therapy would be a blood thinner, which Yale is already on and will be on until his next surgery at least. They did another EEG today and there was no signs of seizure activity...YAY! We spoke with neurology again and because of where the stroke happened in his brain there is the very possible chance that it may never affect him again and the brain will heal itself. However the future is never a guarantee and Yale will be watched closely to make sure there are no more signs of stroke, and that if the onr he had is going to affect it, we will be able in intervene at the most earliest time possible.

Other than that, we are still doing great. Yale is much more awake and will become more so as he is now coming off another anti seizing medication.

We're doing great and as of now, feeding is going to be one of our major issues to overcome. It really seems to be the priority now, so lets all work together and pray that Yale proves everybody wrong and take to his feeds and takes to breastfeeding!


Anonymous said...

I was worried when you posted that Yale had a seizure. Thank god the doctors said it was not going to have any affects. I didn't know that healing itself was something that could take place...but whew!
I'm glad to hear your getting rest. Timothy is in 9 month outfits, so if you want the other clothes they were barely worn and some not at all. PM me k? Are the nurses storing your breast milk for Yale? Take care!
Tami (LM)

oddduck said...

Sounds like you guys are making some great progress. It's nice to at least find out the cause of the seizures, and to know that it's being treated appropriately. He's doing such a great job Tanna. He is so lucky to have parents that care so much about him. What a lucky little guy.