Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Out of Surgery and Fighting our way out of the Hospital!

Hello everyone....i bet you all have been waiting patiently to hear an update on Yale.
Today was a long day to say the least.... a rollercoaster of nerves and emotions. I won't really get into how we were feeling emotionally because I'm sure you all have an idea of what we were going through.
At 20 after 8 in the morning we walked with Yale up to the cath lab where we had to say our goodbyes before he went into anaestesia. After that it was the longest 6 hours or our lives.
We weren't prepared for quite the long wait, because the surgery itself is only about 2 hours long. However he had to have his MRI before going into surgery, then later we found out his blood pressure had really dropped and they were going to postpone his surgery until the next day,.... however.... around 1.30 pm we talked to Dr Caldarone and he said that Yale came through surgery well. There were some bumps but nothing major. He was of course watching his arm as he was worried there might be a small blood clot because it was discolored and not gaining color. Luckily, it has turned out to just be caused by the low blood pressure.
So anyhoo.... YALE DID GREAT! and is doing GREAT still.... they are working on getting him off the ventilator over night. He is stable and holding his own.....fighing like a champ to get off that bed and into our arms!
In the pictures I attached one is him yesterday....last picture of his scar free chest...and the other is him tonight after surgery. Most of his leads and the bandage on his head are just a part of a research project we are allowing them to do on Yale. They are just monitoring his blood gas levels and how different levels of oxygen were affecting the levels of activity in his brain after surgery. Nothing that can harm him, but just a theory they want to test on babies that undergo the Hybrid Procedure.
So all in all..... with a stressful morning and long wait..Yale came through surgery with flying colors and is doing great!
Thank you so much everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts that everyone sent our way.... we sure could feel them! Keep them coming! We have along way to go, but are looking forward to what the future has to hold for us and our little fighter!


Heather said...

we're so happy he's doing so well! he looks great! we're still praying, but this is definitely good news!

Jodi said...

That's wonderful Tanna!! Off to update the LM's if you haven't already.
Go Yale Go!!!
I hope your able to get some sleep tonight.

alison said...

Oh that's fantastic news, I've been thinking of you all day!

Anonymous said...

Great news Tanna. Thanks so much for updating us. We will continue to pray for you all . :)

Tanya... London Mom

Leigh(LM) said...

Have been constantly checking in on your blog to see how Yale is doing. So great to hear he is doing well!

Good job Yale! Keep up the great work Yale!!

Jenaia said...

That is so great that Yale did so well. I am still praying as I know you still have a long journey ahead of you. But this is great news!

Thinking of you,


scrappymom(LM's) said...

YAY!!!!! GO YALE!!!!
So glad to hear that all is going well. I am always checking in on here and thinking of your fight!! STAY STRONG!!!!

oddduck said...

That's great news for you family. Speedy recovery to you little man :)

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Yale! and all his wonderful doctors! Your auntie and cousins can't wait to meet you. Grow big and strong so it can be sooner. Luv, Hugs, Kisses and Prayers Aunt Becky & Uncle Joe, Courtney, Megan & Abigail