Saturday, January 5, 2008

Still even better!

Well Yale is really settling in over across the road at Sick Kids. He is really showing signs of turning around from what condition he was in when he first arrived. They are still cutting back on the sedative and he was moving....scared the crap outta me infact! I went to touch his little feet like I always do and he moved his foot away. :) I guess he doesn't like being tickled either, just like me! And he was making sucking motions and opening is one hand. A few times i even got him to squirm for me! Whole body squirming.

Its such a relief to go in there and not see three nurses and the doctor all huddled around his pod. :) I even asked the nurse how he was tonight and she said he was doing good and didn't expect there to be too much going on overnight....She even left his bedside a few times...that shows quite some confidence in how stable he is!

So really the prayers are helping...keep them coming! And to everyone whom I said I would be visiting with while here... I still want to! Its just going to be postponed a little bit. Things are getting busy with meeting doctors and then surgery then the critical hours after surgery so I doubt I will have the time to do anything for a little while...but keep posted... I want you all to meet this little man, not to mention see some friends I haven't seen in ages!



alison said...

That is absolutely fantastic Tanna!

oddduck said...

That's great new Tanna :)

amy said...

So happy to hear Tanna!! Keeping Yale in our thoughts, and wishing you all the best!! Thx for updating!

Kany said...

That is good news that the nures all not all over him. I am glad I been keeping everyone at work updated and they all said to tell you HI and they are thinking about you guys and Yale...of course I told them you named him after him just the boy version of Kany hahahha

Anonymous said...

So happy to read the good news Tanna

Love Kimmie