Thursday, January 10, 2008


So yes, the episodes that Yale has been having are in fact seizures.
He is scheduled to have an MRI in the morning to see whats really going on if it is brain damage from surgery or stroke. The Neurologist said that it is quite common in babies who have had heart surgery. I think she was trying to make me feel better....unsuccessfully of course.

So they have uped his anti seizure medication to stop the seizures, and basically we just wait.... until we get some answers...

I was really allowing myself to get upset about all this until I just realized how much Yale has already been through....he is an amazing little boy and a few seizures isn't going to get in our way of bringing our sweet little man home!

So stayed tuned for more information.... as of right now... things are just up in the air.


Anonymous said...

My prayers continue to be with you Tanna. Yale's blanket is ready and waiting for him to hurry up and get home. Please take care of yourself too Mommy, :o) That sure does have a nice ring to it :o)

London Moms

Anonymous said...

Tanna if he is as strong as his mom i know everything will be fine keep the faith and prayers are coming to you from everywhere

Anonymous said...

Seizures are common in babies with heart surgery (they were not lying to you) and I have faith that this will not stop Yale from fighting his way home and into your arms. We pray for you everyday!

Melanie (barmybee)

alison said...

Still thinking of you all the time Tanna. He's already come so far, and so have you! I hope they find some answers for you tomorrow. Make sure you take care of yourself too, he needs his Mom healthy and strong for when he gets home!