Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hiya everyone.... just a quick update to let everyone know that Yale is continuing to improve. He is moving much more than when I last saw him. He is still quite swollen but he is stooling and peeing well so thats a great sign. Means all the vitals are working! They have weaned him off a blood pressure medication and was holding it on his own, but he is now on one that he will be on for a while...
I got the news that i may be lucky enough to get to hold him tomorrow. They are taking him for an MRI and in between transporting him, he may be strong enough for me to hold him...So Tyler and I are waking up first thing in the morning to go over there to make sure we are around when they transport him so not to miss the small window that will be available.

They are saying his surgery may not be until Tuesday now because he is more stable. But only Yale has the final say in that, so keep the prayers coming in case we can't request them in time!

Today I got to assist in changing a poopy diaper.... I was a little too scared of all the wires so I helped while the nurse did most of the dirty work....:) but now I know what I can handle I'll be the first to volunteer to do it when the time comes... Also got to bathe him... and gave him a little rub he smelled like a sweet little baby.... funny how happy the simplest things can make you.....

So I am finally discharged from the hospital and getting rest at the hotel while Yale is doing well at Sick Kids. After the surgery I will be using a parent room and probably won't update for a little while until things kind of get under control....Really I won't want to leave his side until I know he is doing well!

Until tomorrow!


oddduck said...

Best of luck with the surgery today. I hope Yale has a speedy recovery :)

Jodi said...

What a wonderful update Tanna!
I so hope you were able to hold him this morning. The thought of you being able to hold him brings tears to my eyes. I was wondering if you'd be able to hold him.
Still sending lots of prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the surgery and i bet your excitted to hold the little man. Funny how just small things like changing a diaper or bathing him makes you feel. Prayers are being sent your way