Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Delayed :(

Well all the nerves and excitment for nothing :( We've been put off on having a baby :(


Actually we arrived at Mount Sinai at 11:30 am. At this point they said they were waiting for the go ahead to begin the induction from Sick Kids. The nurses at sick kids were doing rounds and then they would call as there were two of us waiting for beds from them. Well while they waited I had a none stress test done... apparently the was no stress...LOL

So we just had to sit and wait to hear from them. Eventually around 2 we heard that there were no beds... So they were going to just give me a bed in the hospital for the night.. After staring at the walls for a few hours i was NOT looking forward to staying in a hospital for no reason at all... So I said i would rather go to a hotel.

This was a good idea because they were having lots of regular admissions at MS and didn't want to take a bed that they could use. But they needed to get the doctors okay to discharge me.... I had my blood pressure taken.... it was high... so they then wanted to draw blood to run labs to make sure I was okay and baby wasn't in any harm. Well that meant we couldn't be discharged until after the labs came back...

The labs came back after about 2 hours. Finally we were discharged and told to come back at 9am.

So here we are...tired and bored and wishing I was at the hospital...but alas we are at the hotel :(
Oh well... heres to another night filled with anticipation and few ZZZZzzzs

I'll be sure to get SOMEONE to post an update when something substantial starts to happen!

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