Thursday, January 3, 2008

And so it begins! FINALLY

okay everyone....
after quite the eventful day in Toronto we have now begun our induction! WOOHOO!

Yesterday was quite eventful with the supper from hell!, Laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, almost peeing on the couch, exploding bread, and a fire alarm at 3:18am I am now back at the hotel with the hopes of these conractions picking.

We got the call at 7:45am this morning to come in they wanted to begin the induction! Woohoo!
So there we were, baby happy and active, my blood pressure through the roof, and the best nurse ever Debby! LOL.

I've been given my first dose of the "gel" LOL... prostaglandin? I have no clue what they told me it was... but thats what has been given and we were allowed to leave to wait for it to do its thing. Have to go back at 4pm for another check and maybe another dose of gel, or HOPEFULLY the cervix has softened enough that they can get these contractions a little stronger and closer together!

Not that I am looking forward to the pain, but I will be thankful when it comes so I know that its almost over!

We'll keep you posted as best as possible and as soon as we have pictures... I'll be adding them!
Wish us luck!


oddduck said...

I hope everything's going well :) It's nice to hear that they finally have space for you and your wee one. I'm sure you'll do (are doing) great.

Jenaia said...

Lol! Prostaglandin is the med the baby will be put on right after birth. To keep the duct open. No idea what the gel is called though. You seem to have pregnancy brain, I remember that, all too well. I hope that baby is out soon and that he does really well.

Good Luck!

Heather said...

i think it is prostaglandin - it's one of those miracle hormones that does about 20 different things. i'm so excited for you - i remember asher's birth - one of the best nights of my life! enjoy!

scrappymom said...

Oh yay!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Can't wait for an update!!!!

Anonymous said...

anxiously awaiting for an update! I hope you are both doing well!

mommy0519 said...

Very exciting
will be checking back frequently for updates
Thinking of you both

Alison said...

Hoping everything has gone or is going well! Checking for updates!!