Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update on Miss S

I'm sure ppl are getting tired of hearing about this journey? so I'll be brief. It was papa's call from the judgement of the coorindator of the neurology department as to whether we wanted to take S home to wait for her surgery and how soon. That was yesterday I believe (lost in my days) and they came home today. S is still very quiet, not really least now when she walks across the room she knew what she was going to get before walking back to the couch to lie down; we thought she was just too weak to go play or whatever and gave up to lie down but it was cross signals in her brain that was part of it. Her eyes are stable, she is trying to eat like a horse despite doc's orders to keep it slow. Her neck is VERY rigid, not likely to change until surgery, she's GAINED 4 lbs since last Friday night and we're just keeping everything very low key and non stressful for her. Everything's in place, A/C units are keeping her body temp in check, she'll co-sleep with us and I'm going to flashlight her eyes at night to check for dilation like they did in hosp, supplements are here. I think we've got it covered. If anyone thinks I've missed anything, plse let me know, she's home but by no means is this journey over for S.....the waiting is going to be a HUGE challenge for those darn test results but I'm finally confident that the team is lining everything up perfectly towards the next step to surgery. I can't bear her having to go back into surgery but she can't stay like this. Mixed emotions for sure. At least she'll be stronger by then and under sedation for hours only rather than days.

Asking for more prayers for the biopsy results quickly and cancer free! THANKS! So much for being brief...sorry!

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