Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Poor Poor Girl

Hey everyone! I need your help again. A local mom is going through every parent's worst nightmare!  Her daughter is critically ill and the future is unknown! Here is a post she put on a forum I requent...

Yes, my Miss S is in CCU; she has a brain tumor, she's had a shunt placed in the area of the mass as it was blocking vital fluids from moving through her brain and spinal cord. She is on IV fluids, is being kept sedated at least until an MRI is performed. The mass MUST be removed, they just need to have better pictures to see what they are dealing with. She has had seizures which was the only way we could tell that her situation is critical, she has been in and out of hospital for the last 2 weeks now and 4 weeks of undiagnosed vomiting as there was no fevers or nasal problems to accompany so it wasn't a virus. Her weight has dropped remarkably and it is because of the Autism that the doctors believe that she wasn't able to effectively communicate that she's been having migraine headaches, it was only once she started seizuring that they pieced that the vomiting was being cause by the tumour. If those final symptoms had not shown up the connection might not have been made by us or the medical profession and we likely would have lost our daughter. But for now I am trying to cope with the stress on no sleep for 4 weeks and trying to care for C as well and I am alone this weekend at home to tend things here. I cannot get out to do groceries so we're living on what we have available in the house until V comes home and can relieve me so I can get some food in the house and try and keep some kind of a normal existance here while my very tiny child who is now the weight of a 2 year old and not a 4 year old with her fate in God's hands as well as her team of specialists.

I apologize if I can't be very clear, I am VERY tired and worried I'm going to lose my child; cancer in the mass has yet to be ruled out.
Please Please PLEASE bring on the strength we have shown for everyone else we've prayed for. We have worked miracles in the past (look at my boy) and this family definitely need a miracle now!

Thanks so much!

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Heather said...

i heard about this little girl from another friend but didn't know the details. thanks for posting. i'll be praying!