Friday, June 4, 2010

Good news and other stuff!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do some quick updates. Thanks for everyone who sent out prayers and positive vibes for Lilia. She is now home with family! There are still some issues to be dealt with.... but thank goodness she is home!

I got to visit with Tyler's niece Jordana on Wednesday. I got to see her beautiful daughters who look amazing! Her and Kyle seem in great spirits and are doing a fantastic job at parenting while being stuck in a hospital! Way to go guys!

And yesterday Yale attended clinic at HSC and was asked to be involved in some footage for the David Foster Foundation. He was filmed undergoing an echo and being scene by Dr Dipchand. Not to mention just being his cool self giving every high fives and kisses! Check out the David Foster Foundation facebook page to see some behind the scenes pictures taken by clicking on the title of this post! It'll still be a while before we see the end product, but we were glad to help out in any way!

The real news however is that Yale did great at clinic and we won't need to go back until Yale's biopsy in October! YAY!

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