Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey everyone. I know its been ages since I've updated with info about Yale. and its is still going to be (he's great, although we keep passing a cold between each other)

This is a request for prayers and positive vibes for Tyler's niece Jordana. She found out from a 3d ultrasound that one of her twin girls has a very slow bradycardia (in the 50's) and has been in toronto for ages and they found more health issues with the other twin as well.

Well I just got the word that these beautiful little girls came into the world today. I'm sure they are at sick kids now as we speak. They are tiny little things (i think around 4 and 5 lbs) and are pretty sick. We all know that these babies are most safe while still in momma.... and now they are about to start the fight for their life.

So please, whatever it is that you did to help Yale and my family, please bring those powers again for Jordana, Kyle and their two beautiful little girls!

Thanks so much! I'll continue to update as I learn more!

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Cortney Luscombe said...

They are all in my prayers, Tanna.