Friday, February 4, 2011

20 days later

Honestly. I have this mix of emotions about this. Kane is ready to join us anytime. I really can't wait to meet him, but I am also saddened that this pregnancy is coming to an end. I have the next three days to keep him in, and then we will all be waiting for the signs to tell us its time!
Tyler has to go away for the weekend. Its terrible timing, but a good friend of ours lost his dad suddenly this week, and so Ty HAS to be there. The selfish me doesn't want him to go, but in reality. Its just not even a possibility for him to not be there for Nick. We love you Nick, and are very very sorry for your loss.
Its like this shadow hanging over things right now and I know that Kane's arrival is going to be able to part those clouds some for us. So I am keeping him in, or at least thats what I want to do. Tyler gave him a good talking to last night telling him he can't come out until after he gets back. I see Dr Kirby again on monday, after having my appointment cancelled last wednesday because of the "storm". Also the sister gets back from the Dominican Republic on Sunday, which will be nice to have her in the country since I am looking forward to having her at this birth again. She was a great help in distracting me when I was in labour with Yale, even though it was incredibly boring. She stood by me when I was nasty and mean and in pain, and even stayed in the room when i got a huge needle shoved in my back. Something Tyler couldn't do if he wanted too...a terrible fear of needles and all.

Anyhoo...this is a terrible post because it is defintiely very rambly and not organized, but its how I am thinking with the coffee scattering my thoughts from excitment,to fear so sadness for a friend..... I'll try to gather myself for the next post... and hopefully make it until at least monday before announcing the arrival of our bouncing baby boy!

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