Tuesday, March 18, 2008

sorry :(

Okay so I am a big liar... :D I said I'd come back and edit that post when we were feeling better... and I just got lazy.. but now I am getting inquiries and people are starting to worry. I was just going to scan the pictures that Dr Benson gave us of Yale's stent. actual pictures taken during the procedure. Anyhoo I am still lazy....I'd have to drag out the scanner and actually do work LOL. Sure not as easy as just plugging in a wire and bam, there are pics.
Yale is doing wonderfully and his stent is holding up.We were just in Toronto at clinic and they say things are going fine and we are set to just go to clinic here in London. Which is great and all except it really doesnt save us much travelling because in the middle of April we have to come for follow ups with the stroke team. Then a few weeks later Yale will be shceduled to have a cath to prepare for the stage II. I kind of just zoned out when there was talk about stage 2. I am not prepared yet to even think of putting Yale through that kind of surgery again, but I know it will be neccessary in order for him to survive. Just sucky to even have to think about it.

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Anonymous said...

so glad to hear he is doing good...

Anne Marie