Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sick little man.

So some of you may already know....but our little fighter has decided to go on a hunger strike. It was super stressful and very frightening. However after seeing his paediatrician, and then talking to the nurses on the single ventricle hotline AND then going to clinic and seeing his cardiologist. We have been reassured that he isn't in congestive heart failure. Dr Buffo hopes that he just caught something and doesn't want to eat. We've put his NG tube back in to ensure he stays hydrated... We sure could use some positive thoughts our way that this is just a phase Yale is going through and not a step backwards.
He takes his pacifier with no problems and swallows his meds, but sucking on a bottle is the last thing he is interested in doing. We've tried increasing the nipple flow, using all different nipple shapes and even different temperatures. He's not drooling or chewing on his fingers or anything so we doubt that it is teething... just a little Yale mystery. Perhaps he realized he was too good of a baby for us and is just throwing out a curve ball. Actually after seeing how smart he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he is that cunning! LOL


Auntie Erica said...

I am sorry to hear that his tube is back in Tanna.
I am sure that it is just a phase.
Did they happen to say something about his thrush?

Missing you guys so much,
I wish I could move to London to be a closer Favourite Auntie Erica :)
Drive you nuts!!!

Yale's Grandma said...

It's never easy huh Tanna...just when you think its gonna be all right something always happens to bring you back to reality. But you just have to be ready for anything and you won't be disappointed. lol chin up and you'll get through this too. Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Yale no stressing mommy and daddy out! I'm sure it will all turn around again Tanna, children can always keep us guessing and well riping our hair out!!