Monday, September 24, 2007


Welcome to our baby boy's Blog... We've decided to start this blog because our unborn son has been diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. This is one of the most severe congenital heart defects that can happen.
I was 23 weeks pregnant when we were diagnosed with this defect. I'll explain later more of what the defect really is. Before I really had my head wrapped about what was happening to my baby, the doctors were telling me. "This was a once fatal condition, you have a few options... 1. terminate the pregnancy right now. 2. continue with the pregnancy and do nothing, take baby home and let it die within a few days. 3. Staged open heart surgery that will require a minimum of three operations to change the heart from its current conditions to one that can sustain your baby's life 4. Heart Transplant. As I was sent home from the meeting with doctors to be told this news my mind was reeling.. I was going over my choices really unsure as to what really was wrong. I knew deep in my heart, this baby was going to be born unless there was absolutely no chance of survival.
My doctors had scheduled me to meet with the cardiolgists at The hospital for sick Children in Toronto (SickKids) Two days after first hearing about HLHS I was once again letting doctors look at my baby's heart through a fetalecho (ultrasound for the heart) I met with Dr Jaeggi head of cardiology, and he gave me hope. He'll forever be a hero to me for that hope, for without hope, we have nothing. After hearing the same options, Tyler and I have decided we are going to try for surgery. (more to come in upcoming blogs about this) "baby boy" is going to be born in Toronto at Mount Sinai where he will immediately be taken to SickKids where he will be in critical care until his first surgery (a few days of life)

This blog is being created, not only as a journal to remember everything that we are about to undertake, but as well to allow all those who support us and care about this baby a way to get the most up to date information. I'll be doing my best to keep this page up to date (even when not wanting to leave my baby's bedside). I'm sure there will be even more benefits from this blog. but right now its a place to organize my thoughts and prepare... This is one of the most scariest things I will ever do.


Anonymous said...

I wish you both all the support and love I can. Your right it won't be an easy time for you and your family. But with lots of love and support you will get through this. With the strength you have already used and the spirit and courage that you will display in future months be given to your son 100 times over, daily to help him with his journey!!! May the support you get here from people who truly care refill your emotional needs and faith as well.
You can do this!!
a london mom
Sept 25 2007

Anonymous said...

Dear Tanna,

I am sorry to hear about your son's health problems. May you find the strength and courage from within to carry you and your son through the future months.

The medical advances are so great that this can be treated. You have to think positive. I speak from expereince. Although it will be a rough road, please know that you are surronded by love and prayer to get your son through this.

I believe that god gave you your son as he knew that you would be the best mom for him. You have all the love and strenght this baby needs. You are truly blessed to have this gift from God and I pray for both of you.

You will stand in the midst of this fire as your son needs you to.

God Bless,
A mom

NatJac's Mom said...

Tanna and Tyler,
Thank you for sharing your blog with us.
Us LM's are here for you if you need anything. I am in the Whitehills area(which I think is close to you). If I can help you with anything during your journey with your LO please let me know.
I am gonna book mark your blog.
Sending hugs and strength to you both during this difficult time.

Babe & Duncan xx said...

Tanna Wanna, Ty & Baby Boy,
This, of course, makes me cry. I feel for you guys. Tanna you are the strongest, bravest girl I have ever known and have now become the woman whom I admire the most. It has been an honour to have you as a friend and as a second daughter all those years growing up next door. You and Ty have made many difficult decisions in your lives and are about to make many more. You have a large amount of support and love today and for always, from many whom love you. Have faith, love, hope and courage and with a little wind in your wings you will fly.

Anonymous said...

Tanna, Tyler and baby boy
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and our prayers are with you. I am sure that you are making the right choice and doing whatever you can to help you son.
Thoughts to you from
Cindy and Hank McCarthy and family