Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, this is just a day of deep thinking...thoughts swirling and swirling. I sure can't wait until we go to Sick Kids again. (Nov 2nd) So many questions and worries and i just need some answers. I am stressing so much over whether of not to put BB Seaton through the hybrid procedure or to just go straight into stage 1 Norwood. I hear so many stories of babies coming out of the Norwood and doing well, i wonder if its even neccessary to go though the hybrid....isn't that just delaying the inevitable? Wouldn't you want to get the biggest hump out of the way...instead of puting it off until the baby is bigger and the hump is a little bigger? Whats the logic behind that? I hope the surgeons have some answers for me... as well as the single ventrile nurses.
I mean I know that every baby is different, but can we not generalize here even a little bit? These single ventricle nurses have been there every step of the way with babys hybrid or no hybrid. They must have some inclination on how much of a benefit the hybrid is for the baby.

Anyhoo, I'm attaching pictures of my support... my sisters and my nieces...and me...and BB seaton is in there too, he's hiding behind the belly button...:) This was taken at Thanksgiving (Canada) at Mom's house... notice how the stress is wearing on me... I dunno how we're supposed to make it through this... BB seaton isn't even here yet and he's giving me grey hair!

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