Monday, October 22, 2007

Here we go again

For anyone that has subscribed or actually keeps updating themselves on here, we're heading back to Toronto Nov 2nd.
We have a meeting at 10 am at Mount Sinai to meet with the High Risk Obstetrics Team. Hopefully we'll have an induction date then! Then at 1pm we're back at Sick Kids to have another fetal echo (ultrasound to look specifically at baby's heart). Hopefully no more complications have arrised and we're still just a classic case of HLHS (no other additional defects on top of things). I think we'll be meeting with our cardiothorasic surgeon too. (The hero that will perform surgery). Not to forget the "single ventricle nurse" that will be taking on our case. (these nurses have one patient at a time to ensure they notice any small changes. That way they can't confuse one patient with another and can alert doctors immediately when something is happening).
Oh and then the end will be to meet with a social worker who will explain all about the financial aide we can recieve and give us more information on the Ronald McDonald House as well as a list of hotels that give us hospital rates.

Special thanks to Dave Khey for getting us a discount at the Marriot Eatons Center. Majorly discounted plus it will still be included in the financial relief so even less! Yay for luxury!

Another Thanks to the families from your stories have really helped us to prepare for what we're about to experience. I must keep in mind this is a "two steps forward, one step back" sort of journey. I must have trust in the professionals to do all they can to save BB seaton's life!

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Baby Leino said...

Praying for you as BB Seaton's due date approaches. We're here to talk & help in any way we can. These little boys are so strong.