Saturday, November 3, 2007

We have a DATE!

So as some of you may know, we had a follow-up appointment at Sick Kids for a fetal echo as well as an appointment at Mount Sinai Hospital with the special pregnancy clinic.
The day started off a little rocky as I wasn't told WHO or WHERE I was supposed to go once I got to Mount Sinai. All I was told was driving directions and to go to the 3rd floor of the Power Generator Building... Well little did I know that I was going to be SNAPPED at because I didn't know where I was supposed to go.. YOU'D think so. Well I had to guess... and i guessed wrong! These were the directions I was given. "go to the left all the way to the end then go right." Okay... So I go and we end up in a bunch of I kinda look confused and this man asks "Can I help you? you look lost." I say "I am lost" and I swear that was all I said. and He goes...just go this way Liz is waiting for you. And I think...who the hell is Liz? but I go and as we go Tyler points out that the hallway is getting progressively smaller and smaller. So at this point I'm starting to get upset and i can tell i'm about to cry. So I meet up with another man who again asks me if he can help me. So i tell him i have an appointment, but nobody told me where to go. but that my baby has HLHS. He points me down the hallway and says go to the second corridor on the right and you'll come in the backway to where you are supposed to be. So I go...and I'm like.. which corridor...but he;s gone...and i am full blown crying now and just so frustrated that nobody will take the time to just walk me to where I am going. I just sit down in a chair trying to calm down and Ty wants me to stop crying... (if anyone knows me thats much easier said than done. I can work myself into a frenzy) So a ladie comes out of her little office booth and Tyler explains to her whats going on and she just takes me to where i am supposed to go. "Special Pregnancy Clinic" Hello if anyone would have thought to tell me that I could have avoided the whole stress.

ANYHOO... so I have my appointment where they basically take my background and then do a scan of the baby. The Tech was so good she pointed out everything to us. (Tyler cannot figure anything out) and apparently he has a rather large head. LOL and he weighs approx 3 lbs 7oz.
Everything else with him is normal and he is considered healthy, other than his heart defect.

So I get the same old questions about having an amniocentesis. (NO THANKS) and questions about why we want to choose surgery over transplant... and if we've been told all the options. (obviously this Dr. doesn't know how honest and up front Sick Kids is with parents)

Anyhoo.... He has set a "temporary induction date" for Jan 3rd 2008. WOOHOO!!! i still have to go back to meet with the antenatal team and doctor that will be delivering. An appointment has yet to be set up for that. But unless something unforseen happens...Thats the date!

As for my time at Sick Kids...We had another echo and there was no change in diagnosis. We got to ask a few questions. but basically things are still just a waiting game.

We got to meet with a socialworker who basically just told us about a few places to stay (apparently it'll take some time to get into the Ronald McDonald House) and we put off having a tour until our next visit. Then we met with Jennifer one of the Single Ventricle Nurses. She explained a lot of what her job is and what will be happening once BBSeaton is out of critical care. She explained about the milestones that we'll have to reach before he can come home. and how we'll be set up with a pediatrician here in London. We're hoping also that he will be able to have after care at the Childrens Hospital here in London with Dr. Pepalassis. If he has care here in London that will make us elegible for a reimbursment program where we can get most of the money back we spent while in hospital. There will also be a home nurse that will come for weekly visits to check all of the baby's vitals and make sure he's gaining weight and generally healthy.

As you can see, we are in for the ride of our lives. I have no doubt that I am carrying one of the strongest little boys right now. I was talkin to Tyler about how it'll be nice once this is all over to have the baby fall and scrape his knee be the biggest thing we have to worry about. It'll be kind of ironic to console him for such an insignificant thing considering everything he's going to have to go through.

I am so lucky to have him in my life!

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