Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hey everyone.....I bet you are all a little panicy...but like I said before, no news is good news.... sort of.
So...Yale was admitted to Sick Kids on Monday the 4th. The hole between the atria of his heart was too restrictive and in Hypoplast children, this is a NO NO! if the blood can't cross to the left side of the heart it can't go up through the PDA that was stented open and out to the body.
So Wednesday, Dr Lee went in and ballooned the ASD open. This was a catherater procedure and doesn't require open heart surgery. She went up though the vein in the groin and into the heart. The procedure went well, and Yale was in recovery right away. unfortunately while in recovery Yale had a stool that had traces of blood in it. This made them worried that Yale may have developed NEC. (poor oxygen profusion to the intestine, resulting is cell breakdown). My poor little guy was then put on NPO (nothing per oral) and was starved for three days :( luckily though, he didn't develop any more signs of NEC and he was allowed to eat again.... and BOY did he eat! LOL... the little guy no longer requires is NG-tube. He has been taking his meds and feeds 100% orally! WOOHOO!
The only thing that is kind of not too good is that even after the ballooning Yale had trouble holding his O2 saturations and required oxygen for a few days. This is not what normally would happen after his cath, his O2 sats should have become high and strong like the first time we were discharged. This worried Dr Lee and Yale was sent for an echo. There is still quite the gradient between the atria, and this means more than likely they will have to do another procedure to fix it. This time instead of just ballooning the ASD they will put a stent in it to keep it open until Yale's next stage of surgery. So we are still having a close watch, and i predict another admission within the next four weeks.... but i guess as usual, its all up to Yale!
Anyhoo.... here he is... nothing on his face to make you think he may not be that healthy... :) he looks like every other baby out there


Alison said...

SOOOOO relieved to hear things are OK!

Anonymous said...

Yale your such an awesome little man!!!!!!
Happy homecoming Tanna and Yale!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back home and congrats on the NG...that is a huge step for these little guys!

Anonymous said...

That was my nameless opinion Tanna :)