Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Its a date!

Okay.... so this will be quick and short. Surgery is officially set for July 16th. I feel a mixture of emotions, obviously fear, but shockingly enough I am also excited. I honestly went "YAY" when Amanda said that his function is good, and so we're keeping everything as it is! Next time we're at Sick Kids it will be for pre-op... WOOHOO!

Oh and I got to meet the Raepples. Dominic had his fontan and they got discharged today. I must say he sure is just as cute in person.... I cannot wait until I am in that position. To have the Fontan over and done with and no more "expected" surgeries on the horizon... Wow what a relief they must be feeleing! Congrats to you guys! Here is his blog -->http://myqtdominic.blogspot.com/


Heather said...

that's "exciting" - in quotes, because it's also nauseating. lol if you need anything (even just to talk to someone who's been there), let me know. i'm not far away. i'll be praying for you guys.

Jenaia said...

It is a relief...even that day when it is actually happening. It is so hard but you are relieved that you are finally there and once all of this is over it is behind you. The Glenn or (Norwood/Glenn) is a little like this too. Hopefully you get a good break afterwards like we did. Dominic improved so much after the Glenn. Although the break kinda spoiled us and then one again we entered this surgery world.

Anyway it was great meeting you....the hospital is much more fun when I get to talk to other heart moms. I will be thinking of you all as Yale's surgery gets closer and praying all goes well.

Chris said...

Having just been through what you're headed for with Eddie, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Eddie started with a Hybrid Norwood, too. His Norwood/Glenn surgery went GREAT!

Chris & Eddie in MN
PS--my 6yo thought the picture of Yale was his brother! They do kinda look alike. :)