Thursday, June 12, 2008

that sick feeling in my stomach

Here it comes again. So the story is.... Yale has an echo at Sick Kids on the 24th. If that goes well and his heart function is the same as it is currently, or increased (I wish) They will go ahead with stage 2 on July 16th 2008. If it is some how poor function, then we will change medications and try to get it better.... I however, doubt that the second will happen. Yale is looking and acting the best he ever has... I think its now or never to get this surgery done. As much as I hate to even think about what that means, I really just want to cross this bridge and have it in the past.

So funny as the girl booking the appointment is looking and explaining this too me, and she's like... cuz just after that Dr Calderone will be away for a while.. And I was like... oh so he gets to go on vacation AFTER he reconstructs Yale's heart? I wouldn't mind catching him after he comes back.... LOL

Anyhoo.... thats me, finding some sort of humour in the situation.... so everyone... I am asking we begin with the positive thoughts. We all want to see Yale get to celebrate his first birthday... that will be a miracle to say the least....

I know I have faith in his doctors, and in the staff at sick kids that everything will be done to give him the best chance at making it that far! Its my fear that the higher powers have some other plan. I know I will make peace with whatever happens... but we all know what I would CHOOSE if I had the choice....


Jenaia said...

Good luck with the echo! I hope to hear that Yale's heart function is as good as can be expected and surgery will be coming. I know the mixed feelings you have. Wanting to get the surgery over with but yet not wanting to go through it at all. Come find us in the ward on the 24th...we should still be there. That is if you have time. We'd love to meet you.

God Bless!


Yale's Grandma said...

Oh Tanna
You know what a fighter Yale is and he gets that from you my daughter. The sooner the better and get this behind you. So many people love you and this little guy and we will all be praying like mad even Phyllis and Grandpa and the whole congregation of their church. That has to be close to God's ear right. Good luck on the 24th andwhat is meant to be will be.Love to you all and kiss Yale for me.

Love Mommy