Wednesday, November 19, 2008

nothing new

So...Yale is holding steady in 4D stepdown. I arrived this morning to see a woman from the IV team evaluating his picc line...(they broke a lumen last night....I'll get to that) looking at this thing hanging from Yale's arm is far from painful...not even a nuisance really... and I step around the corner... Yale gets one alook at me.... and gives a big pout. LOL.... I could see him before he saw me and he was totally fine with what she was doing...but as soon as he saw I was there...WOW.... want a little actor he is. About that lumen... Yale's picc is a double of those ones you don't see I've been told numerously. Well yesterday as they did a cap change they couldn't get the cap off and so they used the clamps to get it the process cracking the end of the lumen...GRRR... so now we're down to one lumen and one potential infection risk because they can't flush it...the flush just squirts out the side. grrr... Anyhoo.... so needless to say we're guarding the remaining lumen with out way will I consent for Yale to have that lumen removed and another way in hell!!!! :)

The other night when Yale was first back on 4d another family got a heart....! It was so surreal to see... I was excited and jealous and scared all at once...and it wasn't even my kid! Now... everyone asks about Yale's heart and when it will come and how long, and how many ahead of him on the list.... it really doesn't work that way.... there is a "list" but for pediatic heart it isn't the same sort of way... I mean if you think of it... if a 15 year old needed a heart, but he was put on the list after Yale....and a heart came but it was from a teenage itself...they wouldn't be able to give it to Yale because it wouldn't fit him... so its all really a guessing game to the families who will get one next!... kind of :) I have to say I had chills knowing that some amazing family had lost a child and were giving the gift of life to this baby and who knows how many other families.... its awe inspiring that it will be the same story that happens for Yale... how quickly everything happened.... even when I heard the whir of the helicopter coming... it definitely gave me goose bumps!!!!


Cynthie said...

Prayers and blessings for you Tanna and your little hero. I pray that he will get a heart soon and everything will be ok. I've been following your blogs sinced I joined Wundermums and find you to be an amazing and strong mother! I love here in Toronto, and if you ever need anything at all just let me know....take care, Cynthie

Auntie Erica said...

Yay! I am happy for that family!
I know that Yale is next, and not long of a wait.
I don't know how I know, I just know.

Kisses and Hugs,

Heather & Family said...

I got goosebumps just reading about donor heart coming. I'm praying your wait is not too long. ((HUGS))

ChristophersHeart said...

Hi Tanna,

Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you and praying that Mr. Yale gets his heart very very soon. Your post made me teary thinking of the chopper sounds and the heart arriving...I just know that will be you and Yale so very soon.
Let me know if you would be up for a visit from another heart momma....I'd love to take you out for lunch (and I'm sure eating somewhere besides the Subway at Sick Kids would be appealing LOL)