Monday, December 15, 2008

waiting for a bed....story of my life...:)

LOL... just like there was no room at the inn.... there is no stepdown bed for Yale...:)

He is ready and willing to head up to stepdown on 4d, all his lines are out (except his picc of course) and he's just on some lipids and heparin and his isoproterenol (to keep his heart beating quickly) yup...thats it folks... to think5 days ago he was one sick little boy and even thinking about shutting off his milrinone would make me gasp. They shut it off this morning and gave me the honor...:)

he's still quite sleepy but he's been having a mild reaction to his oral morphine and so they give him benadryl to stop the itching... but the benadryl knocks him out...:)

his cry is VERY quiet.... but it was after is glenn.... so I'll just enjoy the fact that once he hits a certain volume his voice cuts out.... Dr Calderone is still quite worried about it, but its not having an adverse effect on Yale's swallowing... so he's less concerned that it will cause any major problems other than a hoarse voice. Other than that, theres nothing to report.

My laptop is coming tonight so I'll be able to upload some pictures shortly...


aunt erica said...

They gave you the honor...
that's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic Tanna! Apart from going home, there is nothing better than being well enough to leave the CCU :) Can't wait to see more pics of your pink dude!!!