Friday, May 9, 2008

So... more stuff

LOL... gotcha didn't I...I bet you though "stuff" was bad "stuff"..

Nope.. just we are moving to parent care today!... Yale is doing swell... he decided he wasn't quite ready to be bottle fed again...but he is still giving it a go, and that is something that FORTUNATELY will not hold us back from coming home. I was informed today we will be heading to our own room...YAY for parent care where I can scoop my little man out of bed whenever i so choose!

It just doesn't get better really... its like I had this rude awakening and all of a sudden again have such an appreciation for all the little things. I know Heather... you are reading and can totally any of the heart moms out there.... when you all of a sudden see this new happy baby it takes all the composure in the world to keep from doing the happy dance! LOL

So I'll leave you with that me if you saw it in person, you'd spit out your coffee! So next time i am on it will be to post a picture of me and my new smiling man at home! :D

Heart hugs and kisses!~


Anonymous said...

thats so great!
Tami LM

Yale's Grandma said...

Well if this isn't just the greatest news. I was doing my share of praying as I'm sure everyone who follows the blog was and look at the fantastic results. Tanna you amaze me with your strength. Hugs and kisses to you both and hope to see you soon.

Love Mom

Heather said...

forget composure! just do your happy dance! the docs will think you're crazy, but all the parents will understand! :)