Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Prayers for our little friend

Okay everyone, remember when I was talking about the sick little babies that we were sharing a room with? well there is still one sweet little girl there and she needs our prayers. Her name is Abby Knight and she has been proving herself to be a fighter. I can't recall how many times her parents have been told "she may not make it" or "its up to Abby now". Any parent knows how hard it would be to just have to wait, and this family has been waiting for a good long time. Abby Has fought her way to a more stable situation. She's finally had her chest closed, and she is proving to battle all the infections (and fungus) that have rittled her tiny body. She is barely three months old and has been through more that anyone should ever have to face. Now they are worried she may be facing brain damage due to her lack of oxygen during the many times her saturations plummeted and were impossible to regain. She is scheduled for an MRI in the near future.
I'm asking for us to pray for strength for her family. I don't know how many times I told her that the power of positive thinking works, but even I would be faultered by disbelief after all they have gone through. They really need us at this time, so lets put all our effort into showing them the power of prayer and positive thinking. We know without at doubt that the love we all have for Yale helped him, now lets show this family and sweet little Abby that we are here with them and fighting for them!

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying Tanna.
for Abby, and all the children at Sick Kids,
Positive Thinking really does work.