Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rockin' in the post glenn world! lets talk about my day today. Today Yale was supposed to have bloodwork done to test his Enox levels... well this afternoon while sitting with Yale at the bus stop I lean in and ask..."Yale, did mommy give you your needle today?".... LOL.... so ya, my days have been running into the next and I forgot to give Yale is enox this morning... kind of a bummer because his levels need to be taken right in the middle of a dose... 4 hours after I gave it.... so...Yale didn't get his blood taken today...LOL...which is fine because the bus was late so we wouldn't have made it on time anyway.... the bus was so late in fact I decided to walk to the hospital (a 35 minute walk) so that I won't be late for Yale's cardiology appointment...which was conveniently scheduled for after his bloodwork.... So I swear barely five minute after I decide to walk, my bus flies by... OMG... this to me is a bad BAD omen for Yale's appointment... not to mention my bike being stolen, and the pounding headache from the monster sized woodpecker banging on our building (balcony repairs with a jackhammer)...anyhoo I finally get to cardiology and Liz greets me with a "there you are, wow is it hot out?" and I say "not too bad" although I obviously looked like I just ran a marathon...thats what happens when you walk outside at noon on a seriously hot day...

Anyhoo...onto the appointment. After our last appointment I was totally expecting to have the full work up on Yale once again...because well thats just the history...Yale give the drs concerns... they give multiple echos then they find something bad... Last time they couldn't see his know the stented one...Anyhoo... Liz exclaims, "So I talked to Dr Golding and he explained that they've never seen his LPA"...never ever, and the only reason they know he has one is because of his CT scan and the fact they can see it during caths...oh and Dr Caldarone never mentioned a none existent LPA during surgery... LMAO... So all that was done was Yales Sats and his weight (sats were great last week and weight was down) this weeks his sats were fine (not great but fine) and he gained! WOOHOO! Then we got to meet our new Cardiologist Dr Welisch.... It was just a quick greeting so that she could see Yale and meet me... then Liz explained that in around 6 weeks Yale will have a lung perfusion test. This is where they put dye into his system then watch how the blood flows into the lungs... A great thing I think! Anyhoo...then Liz says so when did you want to go home and I say next Friday...for two weeks and hold my breath and she says "Okay thats fine" and I'm shocked cuz last time she gave me a dirty look and told me to wait for her answer at our next visit.... anyhoo... I was/am elated. I get to take my baby home to meet family and I get to spend two weeks that is the serenity of the house I grew up in, in a small town, on a lake...with Yale and NO FREAKING dr appointments.. OH YEAH... and you want to know the best part? Yale's next appointment is scheduled for a MONTH away... a freaking month.... Man I love post glenn life... :)

Oh yeah and please keep praying for baby Abby.... its working... still no results from the MRI as it was delayed a few times, but her Mom says they are weaning her vent settings...and she is tolerating it.... lets really show this family...and anyone that doubts us, what we can really do for her!


Yale's Grandma said...

So do I Tanna so do I. Can hardly wait for you to get here. Yale is gonna love it quiet. We've all been waiting a long time for this day. See you soon.

Love Mom

Auntie Erica said...


I can hardly wait!!! Two weeks with my Nephew and Little Sis!!!

I am so gratful to hear this awesome news about Yale's health!

Kisses and zerberts,
Auntie Erica

Heather said...

just wait till the cardio appts are 3 months apart! you won't know what to do with yourself. you'll go into withdrawal. don't worry, i won't let asher talk to yale about that stuff... asher missed them so much, he kept going to emerg and getting admitted! sheesh! good thing those boys haven't talked! lol have fun at home! :)

Jodi said...

Love the new look of Yale's Blog.

Hope you guys have a blast at home on holidays!!