Friday, September 26, 2008

So the freedom is gone :(

So cardiology visit today didn't go so well :( I'd go into all the details and whatnot, but really.... I don't feel like it. The gist of the problem is Yale's leaky valve. Its worse and his right ventricle has enlarged some more. So Yale is being presented on Monday when Dr Golding will be back at Sick Kids. Then we'll know if we have to go for a visit. (most likely) Liz says its most likely they will make a medicine change that can be started here in London. Only we'll have to make weekly visit until it is at a theraputic level...which Liz said could take quite a few weeks. There are other things that could be done.... but we don't want to think about surgery or cath lab or anything...
I just hope this is the course that everyone agrees on and it gets Yale's heart stronger. My biggest fear is it not getting better and them no going through with the Fontan. Luckily the fontan is quite a ways off, but still... Immediately when I got the news I went straight into the what ifs. I didn't ask anything yet because I just don't want to know the worst case scenerio...(but of course I know). Once again I have to put faith in the doctors..they know what they are doing... Its just so disheartening. He seems to be doing so well. I knew right away today looking at his xray that his heart was enlarged. and if I can tell...thats a bad thing :(

On the other hand I am very glad we got our visit home in there while we did. Yale had a great time and we had lots of visits...and lots of normalcy...which is far and few between.

Here are a few pictures of our visit :)
Yale having tea with his Great Aunts Nancy and Louise

A four generations picture!!

Hanging with Great Grandma Hartzke

Relaxing outside on the patio...enjoying the fresh air:)


Yale's Grandma said...

It was the best visit ever! Yale got to meet all his great Aunts and Uncles, Great Grandpa Young and Great Grandma Hartzke and stay with me for 2 weeks which was the most wonderful time ever. I had such a great time and missed Yale and my daughter terribly when they were gone. Tanna you really didn't expect that there wouldn't be any bumps along the way did you. Yale is a very special heart child and life with him is never going to be smooth as much as you would like it to be. Have faith and trust his Drs know what is best for him. I'm thinking of you always and praying for Yale's safe passage through these latest hurdles. Chin up Tanna and face this bump with your usual strength and trust that God knows what he is doing for only He knows what his plan is.

Love you bunches

Tanya said...

I'm sending more prayers your way Tanna. Stay strong. If you need to chat I am around. xoxo to Yale :o)


Jodi said...

Been watching for an update. I'm sad it's not a great one. Yale is always in my thoughts. I pray the Drs have a easy fix for your precious little one and that no surgery is needed to repair the issues with his heart.
If you do end up at Sick Kids maybe you'll meet my nephew there. He had a Heart transplant 3weeks ago and is still in CCU. They can't wait to get to 4D.
Thank you for sharing your blog with us all. It has helped me to kind of understand what Gaberiel is going through and that all children will have their good days and bad ones.