Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So I just spoke to Liz today about what is really going on....it seems like everyone else in the PCCU is in a dither and have no idea whats up... So Liz explained that Yale is going to be worked up for transplant and could be listed as soon as the weekend. Apparently we're going to be there for a while...NOT what I expected...Yale seems stable enough to me....but I guess we'll wait and see...I never take what they say here as THE word... Toronto do what they want, and personally I trust them more. So I'm glad the ball is rolling... apparently the cards here in London don't think Yale is even stable enough to come off of the milrinone....even though its half of what it was and he's sating great (low 80's) *shrug* but what do I know right?
Its really scary....and to be totally honest and take off my brave face I am terrified.... the strength I gather is from fighting the worst possible situation...it can always be worse, and for that I am thankful... and who knows... maybe this will go swimmingly.... although I won't hold my breath. I'll post next when we get the word if Yale is eligible for a new heart or not. Please PLEASE pray that he is and we don't even have to hear the words palliate again... I can't wait to come into the hospital and just saunter past paeds cardio and the pccu with my lively pink little baby.... but until then...I am freaking terrified... and don't even want to let myself slip into that place. until I know more....Us.

In the meantime....here is info from sick kids about heart transplants http://www.sickkids.ca/cardiactransplantprogram/section.asp?s=Your+Child+Needs+a+New+Heart&sID=4214


Anonymous said...

Ohhh Tanna, That is so so scary. I don't have the words. But I will pray for Yale. xoxo

ChristophersHeart said...

Thinking of you and sweet Yale during what must be a completely overwhelming and emotional time.
You are a strong momma and Yale is a fighter. Sending you positive thoughts and vibes and know we are always thinking of you guys


Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Yale and for you.

Gayle (Heather's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Tanna, I am so sorry to hear Yale.
I hop ethat he gets listed and gets a new heart quick.
I am sending positive energy and good vibes your way.
Drea & family

auntie Erica said...

Sending love and prayers always...and especially now...

When you need me, just say the words,
I will be there.