Monday, October 27, 2008

T word

So I got a call this evening while I was at home, that the charge nurse just got off the phone with Sick Kids, and that they will call in the AM if they have a bed for Yale. He's going to Sick Kids... not because he isn't doing well.... he is.... milrinone is down some and Sats are still where they should be, and he's been bottling great. Nope, We're going to Toronto so that Yale can have the whole work up for the transplant team. Fun how I learned about that from a phone call from a nurse.... :) You'd think a doctor might want to mention that to me... but then they might think its no big deal because I don't turn pale every time they mention the word. Nope. although its disappointing that Yale's heart isn't great, and he won't make it to Fontan...or any real amount of time with his own heart... we did know at some point in his life he would require one....and I'm not dumb or naive or in denial. I've known that Yale's heart function is far from adequate....I've had hope that would change, but if it isn't going to, I'm glad the next step is being taken before its too late. Don't get me wrong I am scared...but no more so than I would be for any of Yale's surgeries. I really don't know any more than that after I've had the "talk" and ask my questions and get the details, and we come home (Yale will come home soon) Then I will post what I know....

So No, Yale is not having transplant in like days or anything... this is just to get the ball rolling.. so please don't take it out of context.. Yale is pink and smiling and fine....for now... :) LOL
in the meantime... keep praying...


Auntie Erica said...

Wow....not what I expected to read.
But I am happy that steps are being

Keeping being strong Tanna,
You are amazing,
Big hugs kisses and prayers

and LOVE

Shannon T. said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!